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In this Ledgeview Partners “Top 10 Popular Post” recap, we bring you the most popular customer service-focused content that lived on our blog in 2018.

For this series, we have determined the most popular posts based on CTR and the time spent on each individual post.

As you review the Top 10 Most Popular Customer Service Tips of 2018 from the Ledgeview Partners blog, we hope you feel inspired to create even more effective strategies as you wrap up 2018, and into the New Year!

Here’s what you loved most in 2018 …

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10. Measure Your Customer Service Results with Mystery Shopper

An American Express Survey indicated that “3 out of 5 Americans (59%) would try a new brand or company for a better service experience.”

Much like the importance of aligning your sales and marketing teams to drive growth, it is equally important to align your customer service reps and customers (in a sense) to ensure a shared view of your product, service, or brand’s reputation, likely all of the above.

In this post, we teach you how to measure your customer service results to craft more effective customer service techniques with a mystery shopper program.

If you’d like help creating your own, reach out to Ledgeview’s Customer Service Consultants.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

9. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service: Features and Functions for Agents

When Customer Service Agents are logged in to their Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service internal database, they are given a lot of information.

As an Agent, when you log in, you will open to your default screen, but capabilities extend far beyond the first screen.

Discover the possibilities when you recap this post with us.

Customer Service in Salesforce

8. What’s Possible with Entitlements with Customer Service in Salesforce

Entitlements allow Customer Service Agents to manage service level agreements (SLAs) with customers, or manage internal happenings.

Learn more about them, and how they vary from internal happenings, in Salesforce.

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7. 5 Ways to Show Your Customer Service Team You Appreciate Them

There are many ways to show your Customer Service Reps, or any employees in any department, how much you value what they’re doing.

By rewarding successes, you acknowledge their work in a way that is special and unique, while simultaneously encouraging other Customer Service reps to reach the same level or beyond.

In this post, we explore some of the top ways managers can show their CSR they’re appreciated.

Customer Service Consulting with Ledgeview Partners

6. How to Create a Consistent and Repeatable Customer Service Process

Regardless of your communication channel or Customer Service Rep, you should have a Customer Service strategy that is consistent and repeatable for all.

We explain how to create a more consistent and repeatable process in this post.

Voice of Customer Feedback

5. How to Use Voice of the Customer Feedback to Improve your Customer Service Team

When you think of Voice of Customer (VOC) Feedback, it’s exactly what it sounds like – Voice of Customer Feedback is direct and clear feedback on your product or service straight from the mouth of the customer.

We teach you how to leverage data you gather from Voice of Customer Feedback to improve your customer service team in this dynamic post.

Ledgeview Partners Salesforce Tip

4. What’s Possible with Knowledge with Customer Service in Salesforce

Salesforce Knowledge lets Customer Service Agents and Users create and manage important company information and securely share it when and where it is needed. It also enables Customer Self-Service.

We explain more of the key benefits and functionalities in this post.

Customer Service Goals and Metrics

3. 6 Important Customer Service Goals and Metrics You Should be Tracking

Your Customer Service team needs a set of goals and metrics just like your sales and marketing teams, and organization as a whole.

These specified goals should keep them thinking about their desired end results and how they can improve together and as individuals to achieve them.

Whatever the most important metrics are for your organization, you should be measuring them.

We share some common goals and metrics you should be measuring within this post.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service: Self-Service Portals

2. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service: Customer Self-Service Portals

When used the right way, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service can lead to your organization providing world-class customer service that leads to unwavering customer loyalty.

When customer service agents are provided with the right tools to manage customers, job satisfaction increases as well as client retention. It is easier for agents to provide the right answers or lead customers to them.

Learn more about how to leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service when you read the original post.

Salesforce Blog Post Ledgeview Partners

1. 5 Benefits Salesforce Lightning Console has for Customer Service Agents

Lightning Console in Salesforce Service Cloud makes it easier for Sales Reps and Customer Service Support Agents to spot the information they need to get their jobs done faster.

The console works to increase day-to-day efficiencies and is very configurable for organizations.

We explain more about how your organization can benefit from it in this post.

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