This year, Ledgeview Partners published many new eBooks, among our selection of 50+ complimentary downloads, including topic focuses on Microsoft Dynamics, CRM user adoption, marketing automation best practices, lead management strategies, CRM implementation best practices, and much more.

Based on page engagement, clicks, downloads, and visits, we have narrowed down the Top 10 eBooks of 2019.

Explore the Top 10 eBooks of 2019 below – they’re always available for complimentary download.


10. 21 Tips to Building a Successful Inside Sales Program

Have you ever wondered what a successful inside sales program is really made of? In this eBook, expert, Greg Dove, Director of Business Consulting at Ledgeview Partners, shares his top tips for success.

LVP eBook

9. 10 Expert CRM Tips to Get Your Users Excited About CRM Again

When is the last time your CRM users were excited about your system? If you find yourself scratching your head or drawing a blank, this eBook is a must-read!

It’s important that your CRM users are excited and understand the value of your system so that you have no trouble gaining and sustaining high user adoption.

8. Achieving User Adoption Success with Salesforce

Achieving CRM user adoption in general can be challenging for organizations across industries, but each specific solution has a different set of challenges.

In this expert eBook, Ledgeview Partners Consultants lend their experience and insight to ensure you gain high and continuous Salesforce user adoption throughout your organization’s lifetime.

LVP eBook

7. How to Score with Lead Scoring

Are leads sitting in your marketing automation system or are they moving through the buyer’s journey, on their way to convert from leads to customers?

In this eBook, we share how you can develop more effective lead scoring practices to contribute to organization-wide success.

6. Defining Your Process from Lead to Opportunity

In order to convert leads to opportunities, you need a strategic process to ensure your success. In this eBook, we explain exactly how you can do that!

5. 12 Ways Lubricant Marketers Use CRM to Drive Success

Did you know that Ledgeview Partners is home to the nationwide-preferred CRM product for the Oil & Gas industry?

In this eBook, we walk you through the 12 ways Lubricant Marketers across the U.S.A. utilize this technology, or technology like it, to drive success and lead their industry peers!

Ledgeview Partners Webinar

4. Driving Growth with Marketing Automation

This eBook is your master guide to driving growth with marketing automation! We cover strategy and process, best practices, top tips for success, share experiential insight, and more.

Act-On eBook

3. How to Successfully Combine the Powers of Inbound and Outbound Marketing

In this collaborative eBook from Ledgeview Partners and Act-On, we share insight and information on how inbound and outbound marketing work better together to help organizations across industries produce more effective outcomes (and marketers).

Ledgeview Partners eBook

2. Creating a Consistent Sales Process that Drives Results

A consistent sales process is poised to drive lasting results for your company’s success story. Do you have one in place? In this eBook, we help you craft a consistent sales process that drives results!

1. 10 Steps to a Successful CRM Implementation

A successful CRM implementation hinges on the key elements covered in this eBook, from putting together the right project team to selecting the right partner to identify the right solution during the decision-making process and more.

Are you surprised this is #1 on the list of the Top 10 eBooks of 2019 from Ledgeview Partners?

The themes in this eBook have been among our readers’ favorites all year!

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We look forward to creating more content for your business to benefit from in 2020!

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