Happy new year to you all! We hope everyone is off to a great start in 2017. We thought the new year would be a great time to share some of the top frequently asked questions our support team has received over the past year from service professionals who work with Dynamics 365/CRM. Below are the top ten most frequently asked questions about Dynamics 365 from service professionals in 2016.

1) Can you continue sharing a View created by someone who is no longer a User?

Yes, as long as you have the permission to share this View.

2) Can you use a NOT conditions when building Advanced Find queries?

Yes. For example, you can see all Accounts not owned by a specific User.

3) Can you use Advanced Find to query for records not created during a certain time period?

Yes. To do this, you should query for records created before the beginning of that time period OR records created after the end of that time period. That will give you the result that you are looking for.

4) How can I create a dashboard with more than 6 Charts?

To do this, you will have to use iFrames to embed Dashboards within Dashboards. Click here to see our blog post on this topic.

5) How do I know the difference between My Views and System Views?

  • System Views
    • Available to everyone and do not need to be shared
    • Can only be changed in the Customization and Configuration Section
    • Created by an Administrator
  • My Views
    • Only available to you and those you can shared the View with. *Unless you give someone else sharing rights and they also what the View with others
    • Editable within Advanced Find

6) How do I sum numbers in a Dashboard?

Create a Chart that uses the same View as the Chart you want a sum of, make this Chart the same way as the other Chart except graph the summed value, add this to the Dashboard.

7) How do I make a bar graph include a bar totaling the other bars?

  • Create a Chart that shows the total amount
  • You will be able to drill down to show the breakdown of the total amount.

8) What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics 2016?

  • Service Enhancements
    • Knowledge Management
      • Can put Diagrams and Pictures in Articles
      • Can email Knowledge Articles
    • Case Enhancements
      • Process Flow
      • Search Knowledge Articles
      • Streamlined Routing
    • Interactive Service Hub
      • This will be a separate area in CRM
      • More Dynamic Dashboards
      • Resolve, Cancel a case, etc.
    • Field Service
      • Helps with Dispatching
      • Understand what your Field Service Reps are working on
    • CRM App for Outlook
      • Can be used on:
        • Computer’s utilizing Outlook 2013 or 2016 (Recommend staying with the Outlook Plugin)
        • Outlook Web
        • Windows Phone, iPhone or Android Phone
      • Can pick which entity to track against
      • Will only track emails into CRM, will not track appointments
      • Don’t have to open up CRM to view related Records
    • OneNote and Delve Integration

9) Are there any websites/book recommended for reference?

10) I would like to understand how to use the knowledge base; best practices and processes.


Choose a Template to start from


Fill in the Article and Submit for Approval.


Get the Article approved by someone with the proper Security Roles and the Article will be published.


  • Best Practices:
    • Create new Article Templates as needed
    • Create new Subjects for Articles as needed
    • Enter in a Keyword for the Article so others can search for the Article
    • Once an Article is submitted it must be approved
    • Determine who should approve the Articles and provide the appropriate security settings
    • Set up a Workflow to notify the individual that approves Knowledge Base Articles of the new Article
    • If you reject an Article, provide a reason
    • Create a Dashboard showing the # of Articles created by week by Rep

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