User Group Webinars in 2019

Ledgeview Partners hosts monthly Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM user group webinars to boost your knowledge, awareness, and insights into the ecosystem, and as a result of your attendance, we’ve determined the Top 10 User Group Webinars for users like you in 2019!

This year, you joined us for many of them, and replayed many from previous years that still apply today!

Based on ratings and views, we’ve narrowed down the Top 10 User Group Webinars for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Users in 2019.

Here’s what you liked most…

10. How to Create a Personal View

9. Read Auditing and Data Imports

8. Improving Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Mobile

7. Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM 101

6. New Year’s Resolutions

5. Best Practices for the Advanced Admin

4. Best Practices for the Beginner Admin

3. SharePoint and OneNote Integrations

2. The Outlook App

1. What’s New in the October Release?

Here is the updated 2019 version!

If you enjoyed replaying these on-demand Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM User Group Webinars, catch up on others you might’ve missed here.

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