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For this Ledgeview Partners “Top 10 Popular Post” recap, we’re focusing on the most popular sales-focused content that lived on our blog in 2018.

For this series, we have determined the most popular posts based on CTR and the time spent on each individual post.

We couldn’t help but notice some telling themes in popularity that may beg the question for your leadership: “Are these topics top of mind in our day-to-day practices?”

The most clicked-through content of the year, under the sales focus, leaned heavily on these two sub-topics: sales and marketing alignment and using technology to empower the sales team.

That in mind, here are the specific blog posts you loved most with a sales-focus in 2018 that we hope will inspire you to enhance your sales strategies in 2019 …

How to Use Email Analytics in CRM to Drive Sales

10. How to Use Email Analytics in CRM to Help Drive Sales

As a salesperson, you may wonder – what’s the proper way to use email marketing campaign data from your marketing automation or email marketing tool to drive sales?  How many people actually click on your emails or use them to learn about your products/services, and where do I start?

The experts at Ledgeview answer some of these basic questions within this post.

How to Use Social Analytics in CRM to Help Drive Sales

9. How to Use Social Analytics in CRM to Help Drive Sales

As a salesperson, you may have once believed social media data to only be important to marketing team members, but it’s time to eliminate that stigma from your workflow.

Social data analysis should be important to you as a salesperson.

We explain why and dive into some of the major benefits that social analytics has for salespeople within this post!

Aligning Sales & Marketing

8. Creating a Technology-Focused Strategy to Align Sales and Marketing

While this post was originally published in 2016, the tips still apply and hold high value to this day for Ledgeview Partners readers.

Within this popular blog content, we share six recommended steps to create a technology strategy that is focused on fostering alignment between your sales and marketing teams.

Learn about them when you recap this post with us.

Empower the Sales Team with Marketing Analytics

7. Ledgeview Sits Down with Act-On to Talk Empowering the Sales Team with Marketing Analytics

In early 2018, Ledgeview’s own Senior Business Analyst and Marketing Guru, Jodie Gilroy, sat down with Act-On Software to talk about “Empowering the Sales Team with Marketing Analytics”.

We share key takeaways from her interview within this post, which includes tips on creating sales and marketing alignment, driving sales, optimizing the customer journey, and more.

You can also listen to the original podcast interview when you read this post.

The Benefits of a Well-Defined Sales Process for Managers vs Employees

6. What are the Benefits of a Well-Defined Sales Process for Managers and Employees?

When considering the sales process, it is important to think from the customer’s perspective. Thinking about how they approach the process from their end will help you to best understand how to deliver solutions to them.

Explore the benefits of thinking from the customer’s perspective, and more, when you recap this post with us.

“A defined sales process has consistent steps that align with the way your buyers buy,” says Greg Dove, Ledgeview Partners Director of Business Consulting.

“By defining the specific activities that move a prospect or customer through the buying process, your team is able to improve deal velocity and consistently qualify opportunities.”

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5. Why Inside Sales Reps are the Future of Sales Programs

When you truly understand the role an inside sales program can play within your organization, you can begin to identify the facts around what makes a successful program.

According to Dave Elkington at Inside, Inside Sales Programs are growing 300% faster than Outside Sales.

Learn more about the benefits of an inside sales program and why inside sales reps truly are the future of sales programs in 2019, and onward, when you recap this post.

How to Create a Sales Process that Will Drive Results

4. 5 of the Most Common Sales Process Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We all want to do our best to create more effective sales processes so that we can empower our sales teams, grow our bottom line, expand our organization’s value, and create better customer experiences, right?

In this post, we explain how you can avoid some of the most common sales process pitfalls organizations across industries and of different sizes face today.

Empower Sales with Customer Analytics

3. 5 Ways to Empower your Sales Team with Customer Analytics

This post is a bit of a throwback for Ledgeview, but, yet again – the tips still apply!

If not, this post wouldn’t be nearly as popular.

When it comes to Customer Analytics in CRM, salespeople can leverage them to become smarter sellers. We explain how in this post.

Sales Tips from Ledgeview Partners

2. 10 Stats that Prove Sales and Marketing Alignment is Critical

Sales and marketing alignment is one hot topic, which is why it’s mentioned several times in this “popular post” log!

In this post, we put more insight and intelligence behind the concept with 10 important statistics that are still relevant at the end of 2018, and as you move forward as a salesperson or team in 2019.

Sales Process Tips

1. 5 Key Elements of an Effective Sales Process (Infographic)

Is your current sales process effective?

Or, do you find that sales is following multiple processes that often causes confusion, delays, and lost opportunities?

In this post, we share some top considerations from one of our customer-favorite sales infographics!

If you want to learn more about what elements will make an effective sales process for your organization, this is a must-read.

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