Top 10 Salesforce Tips of 2018

Salesforce Tips

This December, Ledgeview Partners is bringing you a series of recaps that show the Top 10 Most Popular posts on our blog, under a variety of categories.

For this series, we have determined the most popular posts based on CTR and the time spent on each individual post.

While we publish anywhere from 5 to 7 blogs per week, and sometimes more, our most clicked-through content of the year, according to the reports we generated from back-end data reporting systems, was a pretty fair balance between new and legacy content.

That in mind, we are excited to bring all of you Salesforce admins and users out there a trailblazing content recap to end 2018 right and start 2019 feeling even more empowered to move forward with your Salesforce system and strategies than ever before!

Salesforce Spring '18 Release

10. Improvements with Lead Conversion in the Salesforce Spring ’18 Release
If you’re behind catching up with Salesforce Releases, fret not! We get it – your time is limited (and valuable), and there are many notes from every release to go through with careful analyzation.

Luckily, Ledgeview has ample content on different Salesforce release topics for you to go over in your downtime over the holidays. Simply search the blog using the keywords “Salesforce Release” to discover more.

This post was particularly popular in 2018, since, prior to the Spring ’18 Release, Lead Conversion was rather simplified in the system, but is more complex and enhanced nowadays, having extended upon Classic into Lightning functionalities.

Learn more about key improvements with Salesforce Lead Conversions from earlier this year, in this popular post.

Salesforce Tips from Ledgeview

9. When to use “__r” over “__c” in Salesforce Formulas
Salesforce Formulas can be tricky, especially for new or upcoming admins, but, with the details shared in this post, we hope to make things easier for you.

When creating Salesforce Formulas, whether they be in a Field, Validation Rule, or Process Builder, sometimes, you need data that is in another object related to the one you are in.

While you already may be familiar with “__r” and “__c”, this post is a refreshing technical tip for admins moving into 2019.

Salesforce Tips

8. Kanban Here, Kanban There, Kanban is Now Everywhere in Salesforce!
While this may be old news to some of you, new Salesforce users may have only just realized this style consistency in 2018.

This is an oldie, but goodie for recapping before you start your new strategies and processes with Salesforce in the New Year.

Salesforce Tips

7. Salesforce Admin Tip: Updating an Auto-Number Field
Utilizing Salesforce’s Auto-Numbering Field can help to save you a lot of manual labor time, such as when you’re generating an Account Number.

While some are skeptical when it comes to using them, there are many benefits that will help ease any manual pains you may be having.

Read on to find peace of mind with Salesforce’s Auto-Numbering Field.

Salesforce Tips from Ledgeview

6. Create Salesforce Formulas Easier with this Chrome Extension
Are you a Salesforce Developer?

If you are, chance are you’ve had experiences writing long and tedious formulas in Salesforce, only to see dreaded red error messages appear with messages like: “Syntax Error, Found’)” or “Incorrect number of parameters for function ‘IF()’, Expected 3, receive 2” appear.

If you wish there was an easier way to work on and review formulas, your wish is Salesforce’s command!

Take a load off, and make things easier for your processes. Chrome has come to the rescue …

Ledgeview Partners Salesforce Tips

5. How to Customize the Salesforce Homepage to Fit Your Needs
This post outlines how you can improve your Salesforce user experience with tips on how to improve the out-of-the-box functionality to suit your unique needs.

If you want to take your homepage to the next level of customization, this post is a must-read.

Salesforce Tips

4. Create Task Reminders with Salesforce Process Builder
If you’ve ever tried to set a task reminder through a Workflow or Process Builder in Salesforce, you know how frustrating it can be to get the timing just right.

This post will teach you how to create these reminders with more confidence and ease.

Salesforce Tips

3. Bulk Update Records with a List View in Salesforce
Have you ever needed to update a field on a small set of records to the same value? Navigating to and updating each individual record could be very time-consuming …

In this post, we explain how to Bulk Update Records in Salesforce Classic and Lightning.

Learn more about how to get started with this process when you read on.

Salesforce Tips

2. Salesforce Report Summary Formulas
Are you ready to shine a light on one of the most under-utilized functions of Salesforce Reports?

Formulas are a great way to calculate 3-month moving averages of Closed Won Opportunities, figure out the Conversion Rate of all Leads over a period of time, determine the percentage of business a sales rep brings into your business, and more.

Discover the potential of Salesforce Report Summary Formulas in this post.

Salesforce Content by Ledgeview Partners

1. Salesforce for Outlook vs. Lightning for Outlook
The most popular Salesforce post of 2018, and all-time at Ledgeview, focuses on the key differences between Salesforce for Outlook vs. Lightning for Outlook.

If the waters are muddy in your mind about what makes them different, and best use cases for each, this post is a must-read before you finish 2018 and transform into the New Year.

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