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Today we bring you another top ten list of the most popular posts on the Ledgeview Partners Blog in 2018 under the category of social media.

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For this series, we have determined the most popular posts based on CTR and the time spent on each individual post, as is documented from several backend data reports our marketing team has generated.

We publish, typically, anywhere from 5, to 7 blogs per week, and sometimes more. Our social media content reflects some of the huge shifts and changes in the social media landscape that occurred in 2018, as well as a few key how-tos to help you start your New Year on the right foot with your social media strategies.

As a follower of the Ledgeview Partners blog, we’re pleased to bring you this list of what you loved most …

Ledgeview Partners Social Media Marketing Tips

10. What Facebook’s Local Page Update Means for Brands, Business Owners, and Customers

How a brand interacts with its corporate following is very different than how a retail site engages with its local customers; though, for businesses, it’s highly recommended that you train retail sites to respond in the same manner as corporate communications.

Here’s what Facebook’s update to Local Pages meant for local social media managers and marketers in 2018.

Learn how you can continue to respond to the major shift in functionality now and in the New Year when you read this post.

Ledgeview Partners Social Media Marketing Tips

9. 4 Quick Benefits LinkedIn SlideShare has for B2B Marketers

As a B2B marketer working in the current business climate, LinkedIn SlideShare has some serious benefits when you’re looking to gain credibility as a leading expert in your industry, boost brand awareness, create new leads and opportunities, and more.

We go over these key benefits in detail, in this post.

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8. 5 Basic Tips to Succeed with Facebook Advertising

Are you struggling to develop your own Facebook Advertising strategy?

In this post, we provide a few key tips to help you lay out the framework with the platform in the New Year.

Ledgeview Partners Social Media Tips

7. 5 Ways LinkedIn Groups Benefit Organizations and Professionals

By joining LinkedIn Groups, you are connecting with like-minded professionals and experts in your industry to share information, insight, and experiences. Using LinkedIn Groups benefits your business and professional persona in so many ways.

In this post, we uncover some of the benefits of joining LinkedIn Groups for achieving optimal individual and organizational impact.

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6. 10 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Presence

According to OurSocialTimes, Instagram currently has 200 million monthly active users. They also report that 60 million photos are uploaded to Instagram daily and 1.6 billion likes occur daily.

The Pew Research Center reports 55% of Instagram Users are ages 18, to 29, so if your target audience falls in that range, your competitors are using the platform, and your target customer is actively engaged, these are just a few reasons you should consider creating an Instagram presence.

We elaborate on more key stats and benefits in this post that will help you drive traffic and increase your “Like” factor on the platform.

Social Media and Marketing Tips from Ledgeview Partners

5. 5 Basic Tips to Succeed with LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is the primary social media network for modern professionals.

With the opportunities to network, find jobs, post resumes, and participate as thought leaders in relevant LinkedIn Groups, also comes the opportunity for marketers and advertisers to benefit from B2B advertising on the platform.

In this post, we provide a general framework for succeeding with LinkedIn Advertising, so you can tailor your own ad strategy for utmost optimization and effectiveness.

Ledgeview Partners Social Media Advice

4. 11 Ways to Succeed with Twitter in 2018

Can you even imagine living in a world where “tweeting” wasn’t a common phrase or action? For younger generations, the question especially strikes true.

Hundreds of millions of tweets are sent per day by users according to Twitter HQ, and even more search inquiries are input into the social media platform at an impressive two billion Twitter searches per day.

These striking statistics should have you convinced that you need to get on board the social media platform if you aren’t already.

Whether you’re just getting started or are redoing your Twitter profile, these 10 tips will help you to succeed with the platform in the New Year.

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3. 20 Fast Facts Facebook Marketers Should Know in 2018

These fast facts about Facebook are ones all marketers should be aware of.

They should especially help you put into perspective, the value of creating a Facebook presence as a brand or using Facebook advertising to reach your target audience.

There are many reasons to be a part of the platform as a brand or business, and these statistics shine a light on those key factors.

Marketing Tips from Ledgeview Partners

2. How to Verify Your Local Business Facebook Page

Do you need help verifying your local Facebook business page? After you’ve created your page and assigned it as a local business, verifying is fairly easy.

The only thing that may be hard is waiting for Facebook to accept your page as verified. But, as they say – patience is a virtue!

We walk you through the steps in this quick-tip post!

Ledgeview Partners Social Media Advice

1. The Rise of LinkedIn Hashtags and How to Use Them

While you may have formerly associated hashtag-usage with Instagram and Twitter, LinkedIn is now using the social media search technique and becoming a front-runner for hashtag-usage.

We explain how your profile and company page can benefit from using them in a variety of instances within this dynamic post!

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