Top 4 Reasons To Implement A Sales Process

Recently, I started asking people from my social circle about the sales process at their company. Not, what it was, but did they feel if it was effective, streamlined, and consistent across the company – or was it a loose set of guidelines that were rarely followed and very inconsistent.

The initial response was a short laugh. After thinking about it, some realized they really did not have a process and others just shook their head that it was inconsistent and varies from sales person to sales person.

Sadly, many people just brush it off with the “that’s just how we do things” attitude.

Creating an effective sales process takes work and all too often companies are dialed in on the end goal of closing the sale, they do not focus on the process of how they want their sales team to get there to achieve the maximum results.

Now think about the sales process at your organization.

Does your team follow a consistent process? If you are using a CRM solution like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 are you using the technology tools available to measure the effectiveness of your current process (and sales team)?

If your sales process is not driving the results you need to meet your goals, or is non-existent, here are 4 reasons to implement a sales process.

Ledgeview Partners - Top 4 Reasons to Implement a Sales Process

1. Create Repeatable Action

A defined sales process has consistent steps that align with the way your buyers buy. Your team clearly understands what they need to do, what resources they need at each stage and are more efficient in their sales execution.

2. Maintain Consistent Evaluation

A sales process provided a measure of uniform evaluation for your sales team representatives. Increase the consistency of sales forecasting as well with a defined sales process.

3. Simplify Customer Decision Making

Improve deal velocity by empowering your sales team to create the road map for the buyer without distraction or roadblocks.

4. Drive Long-Term Results

A well-executed sales process creates a more efficient and productive sales team that foster customer retention and creates organic growth opportunities (and profitability too!)


If you just realized your current sales process is ineffective, check out Ledgeview’s Sales Consulting Services to understand what challenges we can help you solve.

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