Top 42 Infographics of 2018


This December, Ledgeview Partners is bringing you a series of recaps that show the most popular content that lived on our website in 2018.

We hope these recaps bring you as much knowledge and insight as possible to finish 2018 and start 2019 on the right foot with all of your processes and strategies.

For this list, we have determined the most popular Ledgeview Partners Infographics of 2018 based on the CTR (click-through rate) of each piece.

This data was documented and analyzed in reports generated from backend data systems, from content that lived on the Ledgeview Partners website over the course of the year, from Jan. 1, 2018, to now.

We are excited to bring you this list of a variety of infographics that we published in 2018 and look forward to hearing your feedback on these rankings!

Ledgeview Partners Infographic

42. 6 Steps to Creating a Successful Sales Coaching Program

When you’re struggling to know where to get started with creating a successful sales coaching program, this infographic will help.

41. 4 Ways to Define a Sales Coaching Program: Ranked from Worst to Best

It’s time to call yourselves out! If your sales coaching program isn’t working, you might be using one of the worst types.

We explain more in this infographic.

40. The Top Reasons to Give Lead Nurturing a Try

Lead nurturing is very effective when done right.

If you’re unfamiliar with the lead nurturing process in marketing automation technology in correlation with your CRM system, this infographic is a must-read/see!

39. 9 Key Components of a Successful Sales Coaching Program

Get the ingredients to a successful sales coaching program recipe with this expert infographic.

38. The 4 Best Practices for Building an Inside Sales Program

When it comes to building an effective inside sales program, set and define your best practices from the get-go to prevent program pitfalls.

We explain how to with this infographic.

Ledgeview Partners Resource

37. Your Roadmap to Sales Process Success

There’s a lot that goes into an effective sales process. Do you have your roadmap to success ready to go?

This infographic works as a template to help you fill in the details so you can create your own uniquely effective sales process.

36. The 2 Types of Sales Coaching Programs, Explained

Are you feeling stuck while trying to determine which type of sales coaching program your organization needs?

Uncover the basics of these two commonly-known and widely-used sales coaching program types and decide what’s right for your organization with this expert infographic.

35. 8 Qualities that Make a Good Sales Coach

Does your sales coach have these qualities? There’s a lot that separates a poor sales program coach from a good one.

Have you and your team selected the right leader? Check yourselves with this infographic!

34. 5 Sales Process Stages and Actions that Should be a part of your Sales Process

Do you have what it takes to execute a successful sales process?

Share this infographic with your sales team to start revamping and refining your process to be successful in the New Year!

Ledgeview Partners Infographic

33. 4 Key Benefits of an Inside Sales Program

The benefits of having an inside sales program are tremendous!

In this infographic, we explain some of the top benefits that may help motivate you to implement your own inside sales program in the New Year.

32. 3 Quick Benefits of Territory Management for Lubricant Marketers in CRM

Lubricant Marketers will benefit most from utilizing Territory Management in CRM.

When it comes to addressing appointment cancellation, optimizing your time on the road, and seeing more customers in less trips, this feature of CRM will be your best friend.

31. How to Mash Up Your Customer Journey with Your Sales Process

The most effective sales processes line up with the customer journey. Does yours?

This infographic will help you set the course for success to align your processes …

30. 4 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

If you haven’t moved to the Cloud already, 2019 might be your year, and this infographic explains why.

Ledgeview Partners Infographic

29. Building Lead Relationships

What is the true value of building lead relationships?

In truth, there are many positives, from establishing thought leadership to building trust to understanding your leads’ wants and needs, to understanding their research patterns and triggers.

In today’s digital world, the more you know about your leads, the better equipped you are to become successful.

28. 6 Roles to Assign for Your CRM Project

Building a CRM project team may feel like an overwhelming task, but Ledgeview hopes to make things all the easier for you with this infographic!

Learn more about why it’s important to clearly identify responsibilities among your team, and what they should be.

27. 5 Steps to Creating a Winning Customer Service Team

Are you ready to make your CSR (Customer Service Rep) hiring process more effective? Follow the tips in this infographic to create your own winning team!

26. 4 Areas of Ongoing Training for Customer Service Reps

Are you ready to train your CSR on key initiatives and drive participation in “mock” scenarios to put them on the path to customer service excellence?

This infographic will help walk you through how to do this within your organization.

25. 5 Ways to Segment Your Lead Database

Personalized marketing has become the status quo for marketers across industries and businesses.

When it comes to marketing, in order to deliver more individualized and targeted messages and experiences to your leads and customers, you should segment your accounts into lists that you can leverage to meet individual demands.

This infographic shows you how to do this!

Ledgeview Partners Infographic

24. 5 Data Questions You Need to Ask During Your CRM Implementation

Don’t let data get lost during your CRM implementation. Be sure to not skip any of these important considerations as you prepare to execute this phase of your CRM project.

23. 4 Considerations for Selecting the Right CRM Partner

One critical piece of your CRM implementation will be selecting the right partner.

When it comes to finding the right CRM partner, you will want to feel confident that they are a good match for your goals, culture, etc.

22. 3 Easy Ways Lubricant Marketers Use CRM to Measure Goals

Are you a Lubricant Marketer using CRM for Oil and Gas to be an industry leader?

This infographic explains how you can optimize the system to reach your goals much more effectively!

21. 6 Tips for Increasing and Managing Leads

It’s time to get your sales and marketing team on the same page, don’t you think?

Increasing and managing leads together is an effective way to bring your teammates together.

We elaborate with six quick tips in this expert infographic.

20. 5 Reasons Inside Sales Reps are the Future

If you haven’t heard it before, you’re about to hear it everywhere! Inside sales reps are the future, and they differ from customer service reps (CSR) and outside (field) reps in many ways.

This infographic walks you through the differences and explains why inside sales reps are so invaluable.

LVP Infographic


19. 5 Salesforce User Adoption Quick Wins to Focus On Now

This infographic explains how to gain high continuous CRM user adoption uniquely with Salesforce.

Whether for individuals or teams of users, these quick tips are ones you can absorb and take action on, in a hurry.

18. 5 CRM Implementation Project Team Mistakes to Avoid

These CRM implementation project team mistakes are fairly common, so, if they’ve happened to you, don’t worry – there are many ways you can amend them, and we have explored that topic across the blog, so we encourage you to investigate!

To set your CRM project and team up for success during the implementation phase, if you’ve yet to start it, follow the tips shared in this infographic.

17. 5 Steps to Scoring Leads in your Marketing Automation System

When it comes to scoring leads in your marketing automation system, developing the right criterion for scoring, defining your lead scoring stages, attracting with content, capturing with forms, and much more … all lead to your success with marketing automation.

We dive deeper into these actions in this infographic.

16. 5 Ways to Keep Up the CRM Momentum after your Implementation

How do you keep up the CRM momentum after your rollout day?

Ledgeview Partners walks you through top tips with this infographic to keep you nd your CRM users driving down the same path to CRM success.

Ledgeview Partners Infographic

15. 5 Things Every CRM Implementation Plan Needs

Do you have everything it takes to create a successful CRM project? Use this infographic as your CRM implementation checklist!

14. 5 Key Elements of an Effective Sales Process

Creating an effective sales process comes from successfully managing your sales team and pipeline.

The most common problem Ledgeview finds with lacking processes is a lack of follow-through by employees and proper implementation by managers.

Don’t fall into this mold! Get the tips you need to succeed with this infographic.

13. 5 Key Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t the only component of marketing automation, but it is a very important one. Thrive with your email marketing campaigns with the expert tips shared in this infographic.

12. The Recipe for Planning for CRM Success

It’s time to shop for the ingredients for a successful CRM project!

Do you know the recipe, or does yours need some refinement? Get the most delicious outcomes out of your CRM project with this expert infographic.

11. 5 Quick CRM Tips on Achieving High User Adoption from the Start

Gaining user adoption isn’t always one of the easiest things to do when it comes to implementing a CRM system in your organization – we get it!

The tips shared in this infographic will help make things a lot easier for you to achieve high user adoption from the start of your CRM project.

Ledgeview Partners Infographic

10. 5 Tips for When Your Salesforce User Adoption Has Gone Stale

When CRM user adoption goes stale, it can easily lead to or be the result of other inefficiencies within your organization.

Don’t let user adoption fall through the cracks. We help you address common CRM user adoption problems uniquely within Salesforce with this infographic.

9. 5 Tips for Gaining Continuous CRM User Adoption During Rollout

Make your CRM rollout day a celebration!

After all the work you and your team have put into your project to get here, you deserve to rock out your day.

This infographic explains how to get everyone on board during this phase of your CRM project.

8. 5 Ways Infographics Work for Thought Leaders and Managers

Are you encouraging continued education as a leader within your organization? If so, how? If not, it’s time to do so!

Here are some benefits of sharing infographics with your team members as a way to help shape their knowledge and grow their insight.

The human eye loves visually engaging content.

7. 7 Steps to Customer Service Issue Resolution

When it comes to customer service issue resolution, there are key expressions Customer Service Reps should use to assure the customer they’re being given the attention and care they need.

This infographic walks you through everything your CSR (Customer Service Reps) need to know when it comes to issue resolution.

6. 5 CRM Woes and Misconceptions You Need to Address Now

Gain continuous CRM user adoption throughout your business and technology journey with Ledgeview.

Debunk common CRM misconceptions from the start to prevent user disengagement from occurring down the road.

This infographic walks you through some common woes and misconceptions to address now.

LVP Infographic

5. 6 Goals and Metrics to Track Customer Service

Are you tracking the most important goals and metrics with Customer Service?

This easy-to-absorb infographic walks you through those you need to pay the most attention to, to be successful.

4. 4 Benefits to Having a Well-Defined CRM Playbook

This CRM project “game plan” means a lot in terms of your project’s ultimate success. Is yours well-defined? This infographic will help you review your plan, or create one, to thrive.

3. 5 Ways to Create Sales and Marketing Alignment Right Now

Achieving sales and marketing alignment can lead to your success with driving growth with marketing automation.

This infographic will help walk you through the steps and give you the expert insight you need to move forward.

2. 5 Expert Tips to Get Your Users Excited About CRM Again

Do you need to reinvigorate some excitement within your CRM users?

It might be time to clean up your data, get back on top of IT implications, and more.

We give more top tips in this infographic.

Ledgeview Partners Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

1. Real-time Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Many users feel a bit unsure about the differences between Background and Real-time Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

In this infographic, we help to clear things up! Does it surprise you it’s number one?

CRM users love comparisons and technical tips, and this infographic covers both.

Get your copy here.

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