Today, many of our conversations revolve around healthcare, whether that’s in our personal or professional lives.

The discussions I have with my friends, family, and peers inspired me to venture into something new with Salesforce Trailhead this week, Health Cloud!

If you’ve ever wondered about the benefits of Health Cloud or just want to venture into something new like me, this is a good trail to start.

In the first unit of the module, “Deliver Great Patient Care with Health Cloud,” we learn about the “Care Coordination Basics.”

Salesforce Trailhead covers:

  • How Health Cloud helps Care Coordinators
  • The Contents of a Patient Record in Health Cloud
  • How Patient Records Offer Complete Views of Each Patient

There are many reasons healthcare providers may implement Health Cloud. For this unit, Salesforce Trailhead uses the example of an assisted living facility or nursing home.

Trailhead explains, April, a caregiver, wants to deliver an excellent patient experience but is finding it troublesome. She struggles to keep track of critical patient records, care providers, insurance providers, and her clients’ health outcomes.

That’s where Health Cloud comes in.

Health Cloud can help April handle the “increasing complexity of care coordination” as the facility’s “client base grows.”

April’s caseload includes:

  • Tasks that need attention
  • New patients who need onboarding
  • And communications with everyone surrounding her patients

This is a lot for any one person to handle. Luckily, Health Cloud provides “a central console that brings it all together so she can work sensibly and efficiently.”

Within the console, April can open separate tabs for each patient and their care plans, health history, and care teams. This allows her to work on multiple cases at a time, optimizing her workday and tending to patients faster.

April gains clear visibility into “the big picture of her caseload.” This may include tasks that need attention, new patients, and other communications.

Within this unit, Salesforce Trailhead also covers how to set up patient records and provides an example of what the records look like. As always, I encourage you to complete this unit yourself so that you can fully absorb and use the information!

Salesforce Trailhead: Get Started with Health Cloud

Learn more about all of Salesforce’s industry-tailored clouds like Health Cloud and how they can help your organization here.

Discover how CRM helps healthcare providers manage challenges and respond to difficult times here.

Resource: Salesforce Trailhead – “Get Started with Health Cloud,”

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