Understanding Salesforce Community Cloud and Why You Need It

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Before you can benefit from Salesforce Community Cloud, it’s important you understand it first.

Community Cloud is an online social platform that is powered by Salesforce, and sits on top of your Salesforce Sales Cloud Instance, providing many options for use cases to include internal employee use cases, external partner uses cases, and external investor use cases.


With Community Cloud, you can share as much or as little data with internal or external users as you wish, so long as you are doing so with a combination of sharing rules and sharing sets.

Community Cloud allows you to extend internal Salesforce capabilities to external individuals.

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Now that you know what it is, here are just some of the ways you can use it …

  • Internally: for HR, IT Help Desk, or Onboarding New Employees
  • Externally for Customers: to integrate Self-Help, FAQ, and Live Agent Case Creation Capabilities to deflect customer call volume to your help center by providing access to self-help options
  • Externally for Partners: to sell or close deals, enabling your re-sellers as partners so they have a place to collaborate and close deals together
  • Externally for Partners and Investors: giving them visibility into the company and where it is at strategically

With the number of ways you can use Community Cloud, there are a number of advantages, which include …

  • Being able to create multiple communities, branded and optimized for specific use cases
    • For example, you may need customers to be able to access a help portal, and partners to be able to utilize a portal for partner sales. You can achieve each of these use cases in two separate communities with Community Cloud that reside inside of your Salesforce CRM.
  • Branded communities that represent your company
  • Options to integrate your Salesforce Community with third-party providers such as financial order history, inventory management, software, etc.
  • Options to connect your Salesforce Community to your website using CMS Connect to bring in headers, footers, color schemes, etc. so that employees, customers, and partners feel like they have a consistent brand journey in front of them, making you more trustworthy and identifiable as a brand

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  • You are also able to monitor community activity, providing pivotal insights into what is engaging, what is helpful, who is contributing, among other important metrics
    • These dashboard metrics come standard with communities, meaning you do not have to build them yourself and have more time to do what you do best

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Finally, there are optimized templates for your specific use case with specific advantages all their own …

  • Customer Account Portal: Customers access and update account info, decreasing customer service traffic

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  • Partner Central: useful for partner channel sales, managing leads, closing business, onboarding, and collaborating

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  • Customer Service: a community that allows customers access to self-help options to deflect customer service traffic
    • You can also give access to Live Message, FAQs, Chatter, and Cases

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