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With any Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Release, there is a lot to learn, and October 2018 updates are no exception.

You may have already read blogs from us about it, but this one will give you more key takeaways you should know about as a user or admin, particularly, with the Unified User Interface (UUI) and Marketing features.

Before reading, you may want to check out any of these blogs that focus on other important subtopics within the October Release:

Then, when you’re ready, let’s dive into the Preview Features that came with the October 2018 Release.

1. Unified User Interface – Enabling Embedded Legacy Dialogs
There’s not a whole lot to cover with General Availability Updates to the Unified User Interface in the Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM 2018 October Release notes, but this is one you should be aware of.

Simply, you can now have buttons from the Web Slideshow in the UUI such as with:

  • Advanced Find
  • Merge
  • and Assign

2. Marketing – Intelligence Integration into the App
This means marketers can now build custom dashboards using Power BI to leverage data from various Apps, marketing interactions, and other data sources.

Combining these analytics with Social Listening allows you to monitor brand awareness and sentiment on social media networking sites to get a fuller picture and evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns.

This lays out a visual customer journey for you and your team on an updated canvas.

3. Marketing – Personalized Marketing Experiences
With the release, these are now fine-tuned for both users and prospects.

Account-based marketing helps you close more deals by targeting specific accounts that are most likely to generate revenue, while content management is supported at block-level with role-based editing privileges as of the 2018 October Release.

The new marketing calendar from the release provides a quick overview of all scheduled journeys and events to help marketers plan better.

4. Marketing – More Integrations with Microsoft Offerings
With the release, you now have deeper LinkedIn Integrations that extend into your marketing automation system programming and strategy.

5. Marketing – Fundamental Improvements
Improvements with the October Release provide improved performance, and greater scalability throughout your system, and especially with your email marketing programs.

The segmentation user interface has been enhanced with the release to improve usability and performance for the most common usage scenarios.

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