Microsoft Dynamics Update Rollup 3

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Update Rollup 3 was released on July 15, 2014 and judging by the amount of items fixed it’s clear that the product team at Microsoft has been hard at work since the last update.This time around there are a whopping 200+ items that have been addressed.

On Premise customers can download UR3 from the official Microsoft site.

A few things to note right off the bat:

  • This update can only be applied to the environments that have not yet applied SP1. So if you haven’t applied any updates or have only applied UR1 or UR2 you will be able to apply UR3. Those that have already installed SP1 will see a future update to the effect of UR1 for SP1 as their next update.
  • There is no Outlook client version of UR3 as none of the affected items required changes at the client level.

Out of the huge list of 200+ items there were a few I’ve run across personally or seen others report in the Dynamics CRM community.

They include:

  • Mobile app fails to configure due to metadata inconsistency in views
  • CRM reports embedded in IFRAME objects (on forms / dashboards /etc…) no longer display correctly when using Internet Explorer 9 or Internet Explorer 10
  • When enabling filtering on a view, if the user’s screen cannot display all the columns on the page simultaneously, the filtering button covers the drop-down on the last column
  • Cannot delete Audit Partitions in CRM 2013
  • Updating an activity using Real-time workflow to update the owner causes an error: “There should be only one owner party for an activity”

For the complete list of items see Microsoft KB 2930480.

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