UR17Update rollup 17 was released on 5/8/2014 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 On Premise customers. The big bullet point in this release is support for Internet Explorer 11.  This is great news for those users on the bleeding edge who have upgraded to Windows 8.1 and are unable to go back to an earlier version of Internet Explorer.

In all, there were more than 50 item fixes this time around. Here are a few of items that I’ve seen referenced by customers and members of the CRM community:

  • After installing Update Rollup 16, CRM reports embedded in IFRAME objects (on forms / dashboards /etc…) no longer display correctly when using Internet Explorer 9 or Internet Explorer 10.
  • When you have an HTML web resource on a form, the web resource is removed when clicking the backspace button in Internet Explorer
  • Users of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Client for Outlook may experience issues where shared personal views may not show up on entity grids if the views had been shared or unshared previously.
  • Font with space is ignored in CRM report.
  • The newly released SharePoint List Web Parts will cause the Document Management functionality to consistently hang on the loading circles when configured on a SharePoint 2010 server.
  • Even though the print preview fits one page, always blank page 2 is printed.

Here is a complete list of items that were resolved:

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