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To understand a Microsoft application, we often need to put it in perspective.

During a recent Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM user group webinar, we imagine the following scenario to help users understand why you would want to take advantage of the Mobile App as a team …

Imagine a company that would like all of their sales reps to have access to their Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment on the road. Here’s what the company needs:

  • Access to different forms as they are part of different business units within the organization that require access to different information
  • To be able to quickly bring up the latest user activity anyone has had with the Accounts
  • To be able to quickly pull up information that a Customer asks about that is Related to their Accounts, like an Open Case and its Status
  • An intuitive way to update records (Contacts, Accounts, Leads, etc.), and create new Leads and Contacts via the Mobile App
  • To be able to enter follow-up Activities as they are meeting with Customers

These are things many companies need, whatever their specific industry or business size …

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Mobile App can help with all of the aforementioned and more! This is a perfect situation where the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Mobile App can help a company thrive and resolve their current concerns.

The app is NOT just for sales, though. All departments can take advantage of it. Let’s consider how a customer service team may benefit …

Imagine a company that would like their Customer Service Manager to have access to the Mobile App.

Here are some key considerations they have for the times that the Customer Service Manager will need to go on-site to a customer’s location to review a product issue. The company will need the Customer Service Manager to be able to …

  • Quickly and seamlessly access the Case and make updates to it while on the road
  • Document pictures of any damaged product(s) for future reference
  • Document storage concerns, and offload them to SharePoint
  • Enter follow-up Activities and assign them to specific CSR (Customer Service Reps)

Again, the Mobile App suits all of these needs, making it a versatile, cross-functional tool that many users can benefit from, and proving its ROI.

Does your company have some of these concerns or needs, currently? Did you know the Mobile App can address them?

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