Sample Data for Testing

Are you ready to learn how to use Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Sample Data for Testing?

Here is a situation that many Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Administrators may run into when trying to do updates to their system. You may need to test out some of your changes, customizations, views, and looks in the system but do not have any data and are not ready to put in live data. You can use built in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Sample Data for testing your system and remove when done through some very simple steps.

Follow these steps to starting using Sample Data for Testing within your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM environment… 

1. CRM Admin goes to Settings

2. Under Settings look to the System Menu

3. Select Data Management

CRM Sample Data for Testing

4. Select Sample Data

Sample Data 2 - Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

5. Install Sample Data

6. When done, repeat steps 1-4

7. Delete Existing Sample Data

Now you are all set to test new changes with sample data to be sure it is working properly before pushing live to real data.

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