Recently we covered setting up a dynamic marketing list in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM and we stated that names are automatically added and removed from the list based on an advanced find search setup. Today, we will cover an example of how to setup an advanced find to filter through your data.

For today’s example, we will make an Advanced Find that searches our Dynamics 365 Database for Accounts with an Opportunity created within the last 6 months and have either have an annual revenue of over $500,000.00 or have over 250 employees. After designing this query, we will make the results show 4 Columns (attributes): Account Name, Primary Contact, Annual Revenue, and No. of Employees.

1. Go to Advanced Find.

Advanced Find 1

2. Fill in criteria from the image below.

Advanced Find 2

3. Select the two Rows so your window represents the image below.

Advanced Find 3

4. Click Group OR.

Advanced Find 4

5. Now we need to narrow our query even more. We only want Accounts with at least one Opportunity created within the last 6 months. To do this, you will need to scroll down to the Related section after clicking Select. Make your query look like the one below and click Save.

Advanced Find 5

6. We’ve now finished designing how our query will filter the entities in our database. However, there is a good chance the attributes we want to see after running our query won’t show up. This is because Dynamics 365 only shows a few commonly used Account attributes by default. Our Advanced Find seems to indicate that we are interested in Annual Revenue and No. of Employees. We should at least add those. To begin this process, click Edit Columns.

Advanced Find 6

7. Once this loads, highlight the Main Phone Column and click Remove.

Advanced Find 7

8. Click Add Columns, select Annual Revenue and No. of Employees, and click OK. When you’re done, the Edit Columns window should look something like this.

Advanced Find 8

9. Click OK. We now have a great query that can be saved as a View, ran later, and Shared.

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