With the launch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 earlier this Spring, calculated fields were introduced.  This new field type can be set up to provide ‘Excel-like’ formulas and calculations at the field level and can be set up by a non-technical system customizer.  Previous to Dynamics CRM 2015, scripts, plugins, and workflows had to be implemented to mirror this functionality.  When setting the value in a calculated field, the following math operators are available:

  • = (Equal)
  • + (Plus)
  • – (Minus)
  • / (Divide)
  • * (Multiply)

The following String Functions are available for single line fields,

  • TRIMLEFT (trims characters from the left to right)
  • TRIMRIGHT (trims characters from the right to left)
  • CONCAT (add single lines of text together)

The following Date/Time Functions are available for Whole Number or Date/Time fields:


With the release of update 2015 Update 1, the following additional functions are now available:

  • NOW (gives current date and time)

This is a very powerful and useful new feature.  In the scenario below, we will set up a calculated field in CRM to track the number of days that a case has been open.

  • Add a new field to the case entity called ‘# of Days Open’
  • Specify data type as whole number and field type as calculated (as see in the screenshow below)

CRM Functions 1

  • Click ‘Edit’ to the right of the field type and specify that you only want this to calculate if the status is open (since we only want to count # of days open in this field).  Set the function to calculate the difference in days between the ‘created on’ date and ‘now’ (as seen below).

CRM Functions 2

  • Click Save and Close to exit the screen above and then click Save and Close again to exit the field set up screen.
  • Add the field to your form and be sure to publish

Here is the field on the case record:

CRM Functions 3

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