Woman Tablet BorderSalesforce reports are awesome – the amount of data you have at your fingertips is sometimes overwhelming.

How many Accounts have open Opportunities, and what is the sum of those Opportunities for each Account? Done. How many Cases were closed at the same time as they were opened? Easy. How many open Opportunities are out there that do not have any Activities? YES!

Sometimes to truly understand your data, you need to know when something is NOT there. These are commonly referred to as “exception” reports.

To create one of these (and I will show you how), we will need to add a Cross Filter to our report to pull records based on the lack of a record from a related object.

For our example in Salesforce, we will chose the Opportunities report type.

Cross Filters 1

In the report builder, after you have selected all the columns you want to display, look to the Filters button. When you click on the drop-down arrow next to Filters, you will see a new option in the menu for adding a Cross Filter.

Cross Filters 2

Cross Filters 3

Adding a Cross Filter to your Salesforce report will now allow you to look for records when a related record is not present using the “without” operator.

If we click on OK to save this filter and then run our report, we will see all Opportunities that are open that do not have an Activities.

Pretty cool!

Taking this a step further, you can add filters to your Cross Filter to even better segment your resulting data. Maybe you want to filter this further to include opportunities even if there is an activity, as long as that activity is not marked as completed.

Add a filter to your Cross Filter!

In the example below, we are essentially saying: Show me all open opportunities that do not have an activity, as well as any have an activity that is not completed.

Cross Filters 4

Take your Salesforce reporting to the next level, understand the full picture, and be an analytic hero by utilizing Cross Filters in reports!

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