At some point every single user of Salesforce has an idea how to improve the functionality of this already amazing solution.  It might be some tiny tweak that you think should come “out-of-the-box” or an epic revelation that would elevate even beyond the cloud.

You also might think “I am just a regular user, what do they care about my ideas” – guess what, they do.

The IdeaExchange is a go-to source of information for the Salesforce Product Team to not only hear the voice of the customer but understand what product enhancements they want to see in the future.

How does the IdeaExchange work?

  1. Step one starts in your head. Next time that light bulb above your head turns on (and no, I don’t mean your office light) it’s time to share that idea with the Salesforce community to see if others feel the same or are experiencing the same challenges.
  2. Are you the first person to come up with this amazing product idea? Hopefully not. If others are already talking about it, you are that much closer to getting it pegged for consideration. Start out by doing a search on the IdeaExchange. If you find your idea, sweet! Users can then ‘vote’ and ‘comment’ on any idea posted on the IdeaExchange. Once an idea gets 250 votes or 2,500 points (same thing) it will be reviewed by the Product Team and an official response posted. There is no time limit to reach those milestones and a member of the Product Team may chime in prior to the point total reaching that magic number, but there are no guarantees.
    Salesforce IdeaExchange Search Idea
  3. If you don’t see your idea, go ahead and submit a new one. Give it a clear and descriptive title, select the appropriate category (Applications, Platform, AppExchange, NonProduct), enter additional details and hit “submit” (yeah, it’s that simple).
    Salesforce IdeaExchange Post an Idea
  4. Build support for your idea. If you are really passionate about it, hit up your coworkers, social media and network to get others to vote and comment on it.

Don’t have any ideas how to improve Salesforce? That’s okay because A LOT of other users do.

IdeaExchange Salesforce

On the IdeaExchange you can see what others are asking for. What is trending, what the product team is reviewing or considering and even cooler is what has been delivered in the past releases.

It’s pretty neat when Salesforce releases a new set of enhancements and you can say “I suggested that feature”.

Check out the IdeaExchange for yourself.

Of course, if there are features you want in Salesforce, don’t want to wait for the product team to (hopefully) select your idea and you just can’t figure out how to do it yourself, give Ledgeview Partners a call – our Salesforce Certified Experts would love to hear about your ideas and help you with them.

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