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Okay, so you just finished up a customer meeting that went long and are rushed to get to your next meeting across town.

Normally you might grab a few minutes right after to type in all your meeting notes into Microsoft Dynamics CRM while they are top of mind, but if that simply isn’t an option, instead of putting those notes off till the end of the day (or another day) you can take advantage of talk to text.

Your common thought would be that you would need a 3rd party app to be able to do this but actually, you are able to accomplish all of this with just your smart phone.

Here is how simple it is:

You have 2 options for being able to access Dynamics CRM from your phone:

  1. You can access via the web browser as you do on your computer
  2. You can access via the Dynamics CRM Mobile app
    1. In order to us this option you are going to need to have the Mobile Express form configured


Once you have accessed Microsoft Dynamics CRM, navigate to the record that you would like to update – whether that be a lead, opportunity, account or contact it does not matter.

Posts Activities Notes

Now that you have found the notes section you will want to click in the notes box and when the keyboard pops up on your phone you will want to hit the microphone button. You can now begin recording as you normally would when using this feature.

Mobile Keyboard

Pretty simple isn’t it? This tip might just change the way you enter all your activities and notes into CRM in the future.

Safety Disclaimer: While talk-to-text option is a real time saver, if you are driving, focus on the road, not your meeting notes.

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