5 Departments That Can Benefit From Campaign Automation

Marketing automation isn’t just for marketing anymore!

Join Ledgeview Partners and Audra Carlisle from ClickDimensions for “5 Departments that can Benefit from Campaign Automation,” an informative webinar where we delve into automated campaigns and how they can be used throughout organization across multiple departments!

Whether you are in sales, marketing, customer service, human resources, training, or any other department – campaign automation can be a true asset to your department (and make your job so much easier).

You will learn and see:

  • What is campaign automation?
  • What are the benefits of automating campaigns?
  • Campaign automation best practices
  • Example campaigns for five different departments
  • And more!

Webinar: 5 Departments that can Benefit from Campaign Automation
Date: Now On-Demand!

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