ABC's of Dynamics CRM webinar 8-23On Tuesday, August 23, 2016 Ledgeview Partners will be hosting a free webinar to explore Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This high level overview will focus on three key elements of CRM – Sales, Marketing & Service.

But what can a solution like Dynamics CRM do for your organization?

A CRM solution (such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce) enables companies and organizations to market smarter, sell effectively and productively as well as provide customer care – wherever and whenever it’s needed.

If you think about it, the process of engaging customers can’t be one-size-fits-all. It needs to be adaptive across all touch points and within the context of who your customer is and what they are doing.

CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics helps companies deliver exceptional customer experiences that create long-term relationships based on knowledge and trust.

In this free 30 minute webinar and live demo, we will demonstrate how marketing, sales and customer service work together by utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM to create a complete customer journey that will maximize efficiency, productivity, profitability and satisfaction within your organization

Webinar: ABC’s of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Date: Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Time: 11:30am -12:00pm CDT
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Hear what others are experiencing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • “We started in January with only 18% of our pipeline forecasted but by May we had brought that up to 87%.  By the end of the first year, our forecasted pipeline increased by 345%,”
  • “We’ve been much more effective in hitting our goals since implementing Dynamics CRM. We set volume and profit goals by customer, and we review those every week. That real time access to detailed data, combined with targeted coaching, has made us much more successful.”
  • “The closing ratio in our industry is, on average, a little under 20%. Since implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we’re tracking double that. In fact, we’re close to 50%.”
  • “Microsoft Dynamics CRM has helped our company as a whole, contributing to sustained year over year growth of about 8 to 10% each year.”

ABC's of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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