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Do your sales people constantly make excuses for not using CRM? Do they complain that it’s not user-friendly or takes too much time to enter data? It’s likely because your CRM isn’t tied to what makes salespeople effective. In this presentation, you will learn through the eyes of a salesperson why they don’t use CRM.

Webinar: Customizing Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM for the Difficult Salesperson

In this webinar that was delivered as a live presentation at the recent User Group Summit in Orlando, our Dynamics All-Star presenter will share how to customize Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM to a match a sales process to engage your salespeople to use CRM to make them more efficient and like CRM is meant to be used.

Learning Objectives:

  • Help/enable salespeople to care for or sell to customers
  • How to customize Dynamics 365/CRM to match your sales process
  • Engage your salespeople to use CRM (User Adoption)
Now available for viewing on-demand.

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