Discover the value of lead nurturing for your sales and marketing teams in this upcoming Ledgeview Partners webinar.

Webinar: Getting Started with Lead Nurturing – a 12-Step Guide

Lead Nurturing, Drip Marketing, and Automated Campaigns. This proven strategy goes by many names and has countless uses for an organization, yet is a mystery to many marketers and salespeople, and is often a strategy that goes unused. In this session, you will learn 12 key steps that will help you erase any shadow of mystery and create your own lead nurturing strategy, how to execute that strategy using Marketing Automation technology, and most importantly – how to measure your results.

As a bonus, we also share how you take the lead nurturing concept, and apply it across your organization to meet your unique goals.

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About the Speaker: Chad Collett
Chad Collett is the Director of Marketing at Ledgeview Partners. Collett has 20+ years of business experience in planning and strategy, advertising, branding and brand management, social media, product development, CRM, research, public relations, direct and dimensional mail, and web/email marketing. His strong background in business success is matched by his passion for the business process, which he practices in his daily work.
Chad Collett, Director of Marketing

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