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Are you interested in learning about Lead Nurturing, Drip Marketing, and Automated Campaigns?

Do you want to learn more effective ways to optimize your marketing automation system and processes to craft more effective outcomes?

Using Lead Nurturing, Drip Marketing, and Automated Campaigns in harmony to drive success is a concept known by many names among marketers and salespeople in the workplace today, and has countless uses for companies. Yet, it’s a mystery to many!

Whether you’re scratching your head or feel you’ve mastered the craft, there’s always something new to learn. In this webinar, Chad Collett, Director of Marketing at Ledgeview Partners, will walk you through the 12 steps to getting started with lead nurturing.

This webinar will especially benefit those who are new to the concept, or want to help their colleagues master it.

Erase any shadow of mystery and create your own lead nurturing strategy. Learn how to execute that strategy using leading marketing automation technology, and, most importantly, learn how to measure your results!

As an added bonus, Collett will show you how you can take the concept of lead nurturing and apply it across your entire organization to meet company-wide goals.

If you’re ready to master lead nurturing, sign up for the complimentary Ledgeview Partners webinar here.

See you on Sept. 19, 2019!

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