Replay the webinar, “How Lubricant Marketers Use Inside Sales to Drive New Revenue, Customer Retention, and Lead Generation” to create more effective business outcomes as soon as today!

Good lead generation goes beyond marketing running a few campaigns and outside sales knocking on doors or getting referrals. Generating new leads, hunting new opportunities, and retaining your customers is hard work. One often overlooked and underutilized tool for companies when it comes to lead generation (and new business generation) is taking advantage of an Inside Sales & Lead Generation strategy.

Join us in this webinar as Greg Dove from Ledgeview Partners, who has worked with Lubricant Marketers across North America build inside sales programs, takes you through Inside Sales and Lead Gen best practices, tools that should be used to support your efforts, gotcha’s that can sink your team, and implications for gaining new business in today’s pandemic world.

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