super charge your data insideview IDid you know that a quarter of your lead data is wrong? That nearly every contact record you have in CRM is missing key information or that your competitors plan to rely on data-driven marketing in 2015?

No matter the size of the company, managing data quality is a consistent challenge for company all over the world. I have never met anyone who told me “Our data is perfect and it is driving an insane amount of new business”.

With data there is no such thing as perfect. The world we live in just simply won’t allow it. We are constantly changing so many aspects about not only the company itself from number of employees, annual revenue, locations and product offerings to the contacts within these companies and their phone numbers, job titles, roles and even names.

Marketers need to segment their data and personalize content. Sales needs to build relationships with its prospects and customers to drive revenue.

But how do you stay ahead of the game? Attend our Webinar July 30, 2015 as we focus on “Super Charging You Revenue Engine with Better Data”. We will be joined by our partners at InsideView whose CRM Intelligence platform that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce and others provides the industry’s most accurate market data, valuable business insights, and strongest professional connections so that marketing professionals can deliver more leads, sales executives can close more deals, and account managers can retain and grow accounts.

Registration is free and everyone who registered (regardless if you can attend the live event) will receive a link after the live 25 minute session to access the presentation on-demand.

When we talk about supercharging your revenue engine with better data it is because data is the fuel that powers your revenue campaigns. As with any high performance machine, we want to make sure that we are not running on fumes.

Update: >> Watch this Webinar On-Demand

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