Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Tips

Apps are typically identified as software used on a smartphone or mobile device, such as Android, iPhone, or a tablet.

However, in Microsoft Dynamics 365, the word “App” is used in a very carefree way that expands beyond the mobile experience into the following:

  • D365 Apps
  • Unified Interface
  • App for Outlook
  • Mobile Apps
  • and Microsoft AppSource

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Dynamics 365 will benefit your business process in many ways, whether it helps you to ultimately increase your flexibility, develop more intelligent insights, create more effective business processes, boost productivity, improve security and compliance, or create more dynamic collaborations.

Using Apps properly will contribute significantly to all of these aforementioned benefits!

With V9 Published Apps, Microsoft has provided a wide range of new functionality to D365. Published Apps include both Apps and Hubbs.

Apps include the Unified Interface with a focus on a specific area of business. This runs on both the mobile and browser interfaces.

Hubs are published Apps that are specific to your Microsoft license. This includes:

  • CRM Hub
  • Sales Hub
  • Customer Service Hub
  • Project Resouce Hub
  • and Field Service Hub

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

The default web interface is Dynamics 365 – Custom. It includes the “classic” browser experience that long-term Dynamics users will have used over time.

For V9, this is only available via a browser.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps

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