Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Hubs

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Hubs are another (alternate) way your team can access important data in the system.

Different Hubs are available, based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM subscription you have.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Previously, Hubs were identified under the Customer Service Hub and included the Interactive Service Hub, Project Resource Hub, Sales Hub, and Field Services Hub.

In 2019, CRM Hub utilizes the Unified Interface that is new with D365 V9. It is visible on both the Mobile and Browser interfaces.

The CRM Hub experience is focused on the sales process areas of the business application, and a configurable unique URL extension can direct users to a specific hub.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

With the new D365 V9 Unified Interface, users get a more focused interface and layout that focuses on specific areas of the CRM system.

Now, the Customer Service Hub, for example, is just focused on the Customer Service areas of the system.

Dashboards are much cleaner and user-friendly as a result.

Side menus are also easier to navigate, with more digestible views.

D365 V9 Hub Security is something users should especially be mindful of.

It requires users to be granted permission to access the Hub mobile applications.

System administrators can offer permissions in 3 easy steps:

  1. Grant users security roles
  2. Navigate to Settings > MyApps
  3. Click on the Ellipse in order to manage roles, and select which security roles should access the hub

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Hub Security helps keep roles and responsibilities within your system in order. It helps to eliminate clutter and streamline the processes of individual users.

Excitingly, D365 V9 offers users ways to create Custom Hubs so you can meet your unique goals more closely and with more effectiveness than before.

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