Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM User Group Webinar

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Mobile received a massive overhaul between versions 8.2 and 9.0.

This is entirely due to the Unified User Interface!

Just about every interaction that a user will have with the Dynamics 365 Mobile App is different between these versions. The concepts are the same, but how you get there, and the capabilities, are vastly different.

In terms of how the users were interacting, the ability to change forms was lacking, so you will see former limitations irradicated with the updates in V9.0. Now, users have much more functionality and usability.

The limited portion they were at in V8.2 is no more.

Though the concepts are the same, the interactions are consistent. You can still make changes, but everything you see and how you interact with it is a refreshing experience.

How you achieve in the system is a major improvement.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Group Webinar

So, why use Mobile now?

Before, a lot of people used Mobile to review data about their clients and past activity information prior to meetings with clients.

Now, users always have the tool at their disposal and can even use it professionally during meetings with clients.

Logging activities and making quick updates to Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, etc. used to have to be done after a meeting, but now users have the ability to move between these entities.

The user experience is seamless in V9.0, as you can easily find answers to questions you may have with timeliness.

In V8.2, users entered the bare minimum information about a contact with little room for continued engagement or action, but now users are able to receive tasks about their contacts, create “to-do”s, and send follow-ups on the move.

It is quick to enter and update information with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mobile V9.0. The on-the-go functionality is obvious and easy to take advantage of.

Mobile used to only be useful for companies that had one central form that applied to all users or only a portion of them.

That is not the case with V9.0.

Mobile is for all, not just your company’s sales department! Customer service can take advantage of the capabilities most especially.

They can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mobile V9.0 to pull up an issue while they’re visiting on-site and can log information against a case, for example. They may even opt to create and assign follow-up-tasks while on-the-move. The capabilities are expansive!

The ability to call a customer by clicking on the call icon right next to their phone number is just as simple, except now with more advanced functionality that allows users to input information after meetings, adding contact details as they go.

Companies that have multiple forms or even lock down access to forms can utilize them while navigating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mobile V9.0.

The differences are apparent, but the purpose is consistent.

Microsoft intends to continue to develop and enhance its product to create even more efficient and streamlined user experiences in the future, allowing businesses to soar in functionality and strategy.

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