What are the Limitations of a Typical Sales Organization?

What are the Limitations of a Typical Sales Organization? Tips for Lubricant Marketers

The best way to overcome the limitations of a typical sales structure is to first address these limitations and become aware of them so you know what holds you back.

Then, you’ll start to be able to make moves to change it.

One of the most prevalent limitations of a typical sales structure is that inside sales is not valued.

There’s a lot of turnover in this role. When inside sales reps leave, it is typically to move on to “greener pastures” or a different industry. They may also be groomed to move on to field sales.

This transition may be a benefit to a lubricant marketer or the lubricant company itself, but it is likely not a benefit to the whole sales operation.

When this happens, you see a constant churn in the position, and then consistent communication is lost between reps and customers.

This move can be short-sighted. Inside sales reps are deprived of the ability to develop deep relationships with the customers because of the nature of this limitation.

Inside sales reps may also be on the verge of retiring. While this can be helpful to lubricant marketers in the short-term to fill gaps, looking at the long-term, you want to find a true inside sales professional who’s in it for the long-haul.

Communication may also be lacking between inside sales and the sales organization as a whole, which means the company is failing to utilize them in full capacity.

Field sales can realize a similar result. When they aren’t given enough time to focus on what they do best, their talents and skills can go to waste. They won’t be able to provide the best value to the sales organization or team as a collective.

When field sales are stretched too thin in a sales organization, this can also be a limitation to the whole organization. It can become difficult to hold them to some of the goals and initiatives you have when they’re already stretched too thin.

Field sales can accomplish a lot but will be limited when they are bogged down by administrative duties.

Do these challenges sound familiar? Are you trying to break a few of them within your organization?

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