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Have you been wondering about the prerequisites for integrating SharePoint and OneNote successfully so you don’t miss a beat?

If you want to set up SharePoint and OneNote integrations with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment, there are some prerequisites you should know about to be successful.

Here’s what you need to know…


The easiest creation point will always be “Online-to-Online”. If you have SharePoint Online and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online, it is very easy to set up this integration.

If you have a hybrid (one is On-premises and one is Online), you will likely require assistance to integrate these applications.  Hybrids tend to be the most difficult to set up.

1. Ensure you have the proper Security Settings added to your roles to be successful with this integration.

  • Make sure your SharePoint Aite has “Read” and “Append to” – that’s the entity!
    SharePoint and OneNote
  • Make sure the user has “Create”, “Read”, “Write”, “Append”, and “Append to” in the SharePoint Document Location – this way, they’ll be able to perform their necessary functions!
    SharePoint and OneNote

2. Next, you’ll want to be sure to enable server-based SharePoint integration. This is very important, because it allows for full functionality of the SharePoint integration features.

  • Once you do this, the system will ask you if you’re using SharePoint Online or On-premises. Online SharePoint sites must be in the same tenant. That means, for example, if you’re using Office 365, SharePoint must be linked to that Office 365 system, and not another.
  • Next, you will set your SharePoint URL, which means you will identify where the sites are.

3. After this, you will set up your Document Management Settings. This is where you will select the entities you want enabled for Document Management (SharePoint integration).

  • You will verify the SharePoint site and set your folder structure during these steps, which are generally set up as “Based on Entity” either “Account on Contact”.  The Folder Structure is not required, but this helps group together records under a “Parent” folder (Either an Account or Contact name)
  • If you are using “Based on Entity”, most of the time we recommend selecting Accounts.
    D365 User Tip
    Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Tip

If you are an on-premises user, get more tips on integrating SharePoint when you watch the Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM User Group Webinar from Sept. 2019 via this link.


OneNote integration is a bit simpler. To integrate OneNote with Microsoft Dynamics 365, ensure that server-based SharePoint is turned on, and then turn on OneNote integration through Document Management for desired entities.

Now that you know all about the prerequisites of integrating SharePoint and OneNote, watch the demo to see these steps in action – just click replay on the Sept. 2019 Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM User Group Webinar here.

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