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Customer service coaching programs can be separated into two main categories that are recognized across industries and among varying business sizes.

In this post, we describe what they are and how they benefit the business process.

Informal or Ad-Hoc Coaching

The first type of customer service coaching program that is most used, whether on purpose or incidentally, among organizations of different industries and sizes, is informal or Ad-Hoc.

Informal learning is perhaps the most common learning type since it happens to address an immediate learning need, making it need-based.

Informal learning has an immediate effect on a rep’s performance because it happens top of mind and at the moment.

Consider that a manager overhears a rep making a mistake while on the phone with a customer, misquoting a product cost. After the rep hangs up, the manager approaches the rep and addresses the mistake.

The rep listens to the manager about the mistake they’ve made and how they can improve next time. Following the session, the rep drops an email to the customer to correct the mistake and update them with the correct product cost.

This coaching was not scheduled or formalized. It occurred naturally, or, informally, during regular day-to-day processes.

Informal coaching is identified by sessions that are short and contain quick-tips or bits of advice for improvement.

It happens when a conversation is overheard and is one-sided, as described above.

Formal Coaching

Formal coaching, on the other hand, is well-defined and occurs frequently. It is regularized on a set schedule.

For example, a rep may sit down with their manager bi-weekly to review feedback, progress, pain points, and review customer feedback or surveys to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

During formal coaching sessions, both the customer and customer service rep are heard, making the process more thorough and inclusive, all to enable the customer service rep to become better at their role and for the customer to feel better about working with them and the brand overall.

Formal coaching follows a well-defined process.

Much unlike informal coaching, it is anticipated and calculated to address the bigger picture.

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