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There’s a lot that goes into marketing automation technology today, and you may find some of the functionality details confusing if you’ve never explored it before.

With marketing automation, you have everything you need in one place. If you just had an email service provider, for example, you might be lacking the automation you need to truly thrive with your many marketing processes (or processes you strive to have).

In this post, we break down what makes up effective marketing automation technology today so you can begin to understand its comprehensiveness and benefits.

Marketing Automation Technology


When you consider reporting, you should consider why you use marketing automation, to begin with, because, if you can’t report on all of the individual elements, what is the point?

Reporting is crucial for determining your success with marketing automation technology.

Reports offer marketers the clear and quick understanding of their campaign performances that they need to thrive with future strategies and execution.

Marketing and Sales Funnel

Lead Segmentation

Lead Segmentation is a fantastic piece of the marketing automation puzzle.

Marketing automation technology lets marketers create specific segments that are well-defined by combining different qualifications.

Segmentation is a key ingredient that helps make your email messages personal and relevant to your audiences, which help to boost prospect engagement, and increase conversions.

With Act-On Software, a marketing automation solution provider and partner of Ledgeview’s, you can create tightly-targeted list segments, profile attributes, observed behaviors, and incorporate a specified time frame.

Segmentation helps you determine when a lead is ready to move from being marketing-qualified to sales-qualified, meaning they’re ready to buy from you.

Lead Scoring with Marketing Automation

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring uses a point system to assign values to your contacts based on pre-determined criteria like a person’s industry, job title, seniority, etc.

Essentially, it includes many demographic factors to help you identify where they’re at in their buyer’s journey.

Lead scoring also takes into consideration, activity scoring, which we’ll dive into next …

Marketing Automation

Activity Scoring

Activity scoring is comprised of things like website visits, content downloads, form completions (seen above), event or webinar attendance, etc.

All of these activity points accumulate to a lead score as they accrue over time.

Ledgeview Partners Marketing Automation

Social Prospecting

Social publishing also falls into the category of social prospecting.

Social media tools, in solutions like Act-On, help marketers track, interact, and build their audiences within the platform.

This is a huge time-saver for marketers because it eliminates the need for them to click between multiple screens or tabs to navigate social media channels. Instead, they can manage all in one place.

With solutions like this, marketers are able to see what their customers and prospects are saying about them across social, monitor keywords, follow their competition, and more.

It offers a simple way to integrate multiple social media platforms in one place and automate sharing, letting marketers interact with their audiences in a streamlined format.

Marketing Automation

Web Forms

Web forms are a key component and feature top marketers today user regularly.

Creating web forms within Act-On, for example, is quick and easy. Marketers never have to start from scratch since there’s a library full of templates available. Creating the forms is a simple drag and drop process.

Their built-for-responsive design makes them safe for mobile use as well, and progressive profiling is another key feature of using them to consider.

Progressive profiling will help minimize form fields, allowing marketers to gather key data over time without negatively impacting conversion rates.

Marketing Automation Software

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a tool that top marketers use frequently on multiple channels of communication with their target audiences.

Building a single landing page in Act-On, for example, helps drive conversions across the entire customer buying cycle, making them a key component of marketing automation, and instrumental to the digital marketing process.

They drive all sorts of conversions from simple sign-ups!

Harness the Power of Marketing Automation

Email Nurturing

Email nurturing is a key component of marketing automation. It allows marketers to quickly and easily set up strategic campaigns that deploy automatically based on pre-programmed rules.

Email nurture programs allow you to use conditional “if-then” logic to trigger the next step in a campaign.

This results in prospects getting content based on their activity that is personalized to their journey, helping them digest information at their own pace until they’re ready to talk to someone on your sales team.

Remember – not all leads are created equal! A lead may be qualified, but not yet ready to buy. 

Ledgeview Partners


Webinars can sometimes be tricky to set up and promote.

They take time to plan and execute, but a lot of the heavy lifting can actually be alleviated through top solutions like ACt-On.

Act-On offers integrations with GoToWebinar and WebX, making it easier to organize, promote, and manage your webinars.

Learn more about what comprises marketing automation technology when you read Ledgeview’s latest eBook collaboration with Act-On Software“5 Signs You’re Ready for Marketing Automation”.

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