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Forms Pro is a survey tool from Microsoft that can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

It offers vast survey capabilities to users.

With the deprecation of Microsoft’s primary survey tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users in July 2020, Voice of the Customer, users are encouraged to make the switch to Forms Pro.

Voice of the Customer (VoC) will end at this time, at which point you will no longer be able to use the tool to send out surveys and collect responses. However, you will still be able to keep the historical survey response information that you’ve collected over time with VoC.

This information is stored inside of entities inside of your Dynamics 365 environment.

If you are still using Voice of the Customer and want survey capabilities, Microsoft advises users to move to Forms Pro; or if you have never experienced VoC and are new to survey functionality within the Dynamics 365 ecosystem, you can get started with Forms Pro.

Forms Pro comes with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 license. 2,000 responses per month are included, while additional responses can be purchased.

Microsoft’s goals with this survey tool are to help businesses transform the customer, product, and employee experiences.

While many of our customers will have access through Microsoft Dynamics 365, if you are not a Ledgeview Partners customer and want to explore the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, this tool is one of many considerable benefits of the technology.

What is Forms Pro

Forms Pro supports deeper analytics and insights with integration. You can use this new survey tool with Common Data Service, Microsoft Power Platform, and the model-driven apps in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The tool allows users to…

  • Send customers branded surveys that have your company’s look and feel
  • Distribute in a simpler fashion with the built-in email composer
  • Automate survey sends with Microsoft Power Automate
  • Leverage pre-configured templates to integrate with model-driven business apps in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Work with classic forms and quizzes or create new ones
  • And more

Forms Pro is accessible through Microsoft Office 365. So long as you have Microsoft Dynamics 365, you will have access to Forms Pro.

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