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Marketing automation refers to a software platform that automates manual tasks and multi-step processes such as email and social media campaigns, allowing marketing departments to get more done with less effort.

Marketing automation is commonly mistaken as a glorified email marketing platform, but it is so much more than that.

Marketing automation allows marketers to create efficiencies they wouldn’t otherwise see with their email service provider.

Within an effective marketing automation system, marketers can increase measurement and data consolidation through the time they save by being able to automate tasks.

Traditionally, marketing automation platforms are used for demand generation and lead management, supporting programs like lead nurturing to drive success and propel an organization’s goals forward.

Marketing automation has been extended in recent years to facilitate account-based marketing. (Insert a lively “hoo-rah” from your sales team here!)

It also can facilitate customer marketing and support activities.

The greatest takeaways from an effective marketing automation system across industries are that it helps to automate a lot of repetitive tasks around email, social, and website actions to streamline workflow within your marketing department.

Marketers needs have evolved over the years, and as technology continues to (rapidly) change, the needs of marketers will continue to grow and change along with it.

Finding the best marketing automation solution for your company often determines your team’s effectiveness or ineffectiveness.

Marketing technology experts say there are, in fact, three common stages that determine a modern organization’s digital marketing maturity; further, helping you decide if marketing automation is right for you.

If you’re currently using an email service provider, are looking into marketing automation, or would like to change your marketing automation provider, you can learn more about the indicators that will help you determine if you’re ready for marketing automation in Ledgeview’s NEWEST eBook in collaboration with Act-On.

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