Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 application that allows sellers to increase sales through the power of artificial intelligence, helping them to grow their organization’s bottom lines and create more personalized buyer journeys for their customers.

It offers many benefits that build upon this key advantage.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 breaks down these benefits into a few key categories.

Create Smarter Sellers with Embedded Insights

  • WIth the power of embedded insights, you gain clear visibility into what the best approach to take is with each customer. Everything is contextual.
  • Dynamics 365 for Sales also allows sellers to see how customers and targets are interacting with emails so they can respond proactively.
  • Sellers become smarter at their job functions by using social trend insights to track the buyer’s journey and help them identify and get ahead of looming competitors.

As stated above, the power of AI-driven insights allows sellers to connect and reach their targets easier.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Empower Sellers with Authenticity and Personalization

  • This application of Dynamics allows you to connect data and processes for relationship selling. Dynamics 365 for Sales gives sellers what they need to cultivate trust with customers, and manage these relationships easier.
  • Since Dynamics 365 for Sales connects to social media, sellers are able to respond more quickly and be proactive with buying opportunities that come directly from the social media platform source.
  • Personalization is essential to capturing your target audience today, and this is certainly true of Dynamics 365 for Sales. Equally, it’s important that your team can personalize their work processes, which the application allows through the power of embedded Office 365 tools.

Microsoft has partnered with LinkedIn to help sellers achieve their business goals with the solutions, creating more meaningful and personalized connections with their target audiences.

Boost Sellers’ Productivity Levels

  • Dynamics 365 for Sales provides what they call “intelligent guidance” that helps your organization increase user adoption and minimize training. How? By providing training with “rich”, “context-sensitive help” and “intelligent, event-driven” sales processes.
  • Sellers can simplify their sales processes by using powerful end-to-end opportunity management tools that let them work seamlessly with Dynamics 365 for Sales features.
  • By using the application, sellers can stay informed of their accounts easier, sell anytime – anywhere, and connect with partners to develop deeper recruitment and onboarding techniques/engagements.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Accelerate Seller Performance

  • When you want to shorten the “ramp-up” time of your sellers to help accelerate the alignment process, Dynamics 365 for Sales can help with the documentation features they have available to users.
  • The application also lets sellers set goals that can help them keep on track and reach their quotas with more effectiveness.
  • Dashboards are a huge advantage of the application, which helps sellers gain visibility and insights into real-time data.
  • Sellers feel more motivated as a result of these truly dynamic features of the application …

Drive Innovation with Evolutionary Technology

  • The Dynamics 365 for Sales Application lets sellers adapt quickly to meet the real-time demands of the ever-shifting marketplace while simultaneously allowing them to extend and connect better through a unified experience.
  • Organizations feel confident about their investments with the system as they tend to help reduce the costs of operating global infrastructures.
  • Because of all of these features and capabilities, organizations are more willing and able to develop, adapt, and grow, completing the purpose of the application full-circle – to help you drive innovation.

Since you, your team, and your organization is unique, how you specifically work within it will be different than another organization, though the general framework, as described above, remains true.

The possibilities are expansive, and exciting with Dynamics 365 for Sales.

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