Microsoft Dynamics Education

Microsoft has introduced an online educational center to help users become more proficient with its many technologies, Microsoft Learn. Microsoft Learn features guided and interactive courses designed with fun and the user in mind.

Determine your content path by your job function and objectives!

There are a variety of paths you can choose from, including:

  • Azure
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft 365
  • Power Platform
  • and More

For Ledgeview Partners’ customers, we will be documenting our experience with Microsoft Learn’s Dynamics 365 path. When you follow this path yourself, you can choose from roles like:

  • Business user – Customer Engagement
  • Business user – Finance and Operations
  • Functional consultant – Business Central
  • Functional consultant – Customer Service
  • Functional consultant – Field Service
  • Functional consultant – Finance and Operations
  • Functional consultant – Marketing
  • Functional consultant – Sales

Whether you are seasoned with or new to the platform, there is ample to learn from and explore with Microsoft Learn. You can pivot as you go and adapt throughout your journey as a user or consultant. You are not limited to one path.

Even better, this educational resource hub is free for use, whether you are a current Dynamics user or are aspiring to be one.

While registration is not required to utilize the educational resource, certain features and functionality will only work when you’re signed in, so there is a benefit to registering for some paths and roles.

Specifically, Microsoft says users must be signed in to utilize educational features like:

  • The ability to accrue points and achievements
  • Tracking progress on learning activities
  • Use of the free Azure resources
  • Profile and dashboard capabilities

Learning paths support many languages for:

  • Azure – 17 languages
  • Dynamics 365 – 11 languages 
  • Power Apps, Power BI, and Flow – 23 languages

This makes the hub more inclusive and accessible for users across the world. Microsoft Learning is broken down into these components:

  • Unit: “A small chunk of information that’s included in a module… (like) learning content, an interactive activity, a quiz, or something else.”
  • Module: “The building blocks of the Microsoft Learning Experience… (like) a course that contains a collection of related units, such as videos, labs, and articles.”
  • Learning Path: “Collections of Modules that are organized around specific roles.”

Microsoft Learn was designed to help bring awareness into the system for users. You can explore topics in-depth with guided paths, work to achieve specific certifications for career advancement, and perhaps even become an all-star Microsoft professional in the process.

Explore what’s possible with Microsoft Learn here!


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