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When you think of outbound marketing, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Often, marketers will hear: “outdated.”

While outbound has gotten a bad rap in the past for its “Mad Men” era style of marketing that emphasizes high cost advertising to get the brand’s point across, it has evolved over time to meet the modern demands of businesses and consumers alike.

In the past, outbound was always about pushing messages to mass audiences with a one-size-fits-all approach. It lacked the personalization it needed to help both the consumer and business thrive.

It is commonly referred to, for these reasons and more, as “interruption marketing” because the messaging has no personal connection or relevance to prospects, and some aspects of outbound (like cold calling) interrupt a prospect’s life.

This (probably) doesn’t sound encouraging, but don’t click away yet …

The good news is that outbound marketing has evolved to embody  modern business models and buyer behavior today.


Now, outbound marketing is classified as pushing relevant messaging to audiences to address their pain points and interests so that your organization stays top of mind during the decision-making step of the buyer’s journey.

While inbound can be classified as pull marketing for pulling the consumer, prospect, lead, or customer back into your brand, outbound can be described as push marketing for pushing them towards it.

Outbound’s push style encompasses tactics like email marketing, retargeting ads, video, account based marketing (ABM), and mobile.

Non-digital efforts are also still used, though digital trends are heavily popularized. Some companies still find efforts like direct mail flyers, television and radio ads, and phone calls still highly effective.

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