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Have you ever wondered, “What is Salesforce Social Customer Service?” and “How can my team benefit?”

In this Salesforce Trailhead unit that we’ll be recapping today, we learn all about the basics, key benefits, and interconnections of Salesforce Social Customer Service.

In today’s marketplace, digital engagement’s “goal is to deliver unified customer experiences across a variety of channels and devices.”

If you feel like you’re behind the game on social media, don’t worry. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge, understanding, or interactions with your customers on the digital space to get started.

You can start using the platform at any point in your digital engagement journey with your customers.

Salesforce Social Customer Service Digital Engagements allow customer service reps, salespeople, and marketers to improve the customer experience across platforms, whether that be Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or something else.

Salesforce Social Customer Service can:

  • “Turn social network posts into cases or leads and let agents join customer conversations where they are happening.”
  • Allow for “inbound and outbound social posts to appear in case histories, making it easy to follow conversations on various different social platforms from any device.”
  • “Track customer sentiments and keywords” and “help agents offer to take public conversations private.”
  • “Send service requests directly to the Service Console, where agents can switch the conversations to the best channels for customers at any time.”
  • “Bring sales, service, and marketing teams together on social platforms” to “collaborate on the customer experience.”

Salesforce Social Customer Service appears in the Service Console so that agents have 360-degree views of their customers. In this way, it acts as a virtual help desk of sorts and allows sales, marketing, and customer service to collaborate on customer concerns and inquiries.

No matter if the case was created by phone, email, webchat, SMS messaging, social media outlets, etc., the console helps agents solve multiple cases at once.

Cases created through social media posts appear right in the feed, whereas interactions with customers happen in the social publisher of Social Customer Service.

Even better, this tool is natively designed to fit into the console along other channels.

What is Salesforce Social Customer ServiceYou may be wondering how Salesforce Social Studio fits into all of this. Salesforce elaborates upon this within the unit.

Salesforce says, “Social Studio is the engine that allows you to manage, schedule, create, and monitor social posts.” So, it’s a big asset to your Salesforce Social Customer Service landscaping!

With Social Studio, you can:

  • “Analyze social media conversations across your sales, service, and marketing campaigns.
  • Monitor audience discussions.
  • Deploy one tool for all social media engagement across everyone in your company.
  • Access stock photos and trending topics, and use content management processes for optimal customer engagements.
  • And track real-time customer interactions, brand health, and campaign results with visually compelling reports and dashboards.”

The benefits of this tool are undeniable! It helps you to:

  • “Deliver personalized customer service
  • Intelligently route social posts to the right agents or team
  • Quickly scale support to the latest social channels
  • And gain 360-degree customer views in real-time”

Get all of the answers to your question, “What is Salesforce Social Customer Service?” and “How can my team benefit from it?” when you complete this unit yourself and absorb every detail.

Start the unit here.

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