Have you ever received a message on your company’s Facebook Page like: “Hi, I want to check the status of my order. I can’t find it in my account information section on your website. Please don’t tell me to call you. Just reply to me directly here. Thanks.”?

This type of request can be frustrating and challenging from the eyes of a customer service rep or marketer.

Luckily, Salesforce Social Customer Service helps address challenges like this and more.

With Social Customer Service at your disposal, you can reply to a Facebook message like this with more ease and comfort than before, personalizing correspondences to suit the client’s concerns or demands and linking their account information seamlessly.

The importance of Social Customer Service is outstanding.

Now, customers look to social media for things like restaurants, online shopping, salon, and activity recommendations, and more. Relying on word of mouth to get your brand out there isn’t effective in the modern digital age.

This is where Salesforce Social Customer Service can help to make a great impact on your brand’s reputation and credibility.

If you’re searching for tools to increase the effectiveness of your customer engagements through social integration, Salesforce Social Customer Service offers expansive capabilities for your unique business objectives.

If you are already familiar with the Salesforce Ecosystem, connecting Social Customer Service with broader social service experience, utilizing products like Salesforce Social Studio, will benefit you.

If you are unfamiliar and require assistance, fret not! Salesforce’s educational tools, customer service center, and business and technology consulting partner can assist you.

Salesforce Social Customer Service

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Products like Salesforce Social Studio and Social Customer Service work together in harmony to increase the effectiveness of your overall customer service and marketing efforts, driving company-wide successes.

Salesforce says, “Unlike most other social media management products, Social Customer Service helps your contact center deliver a consistent experience across service, marketing, and sales. Everything is connected to the customer record. That’s the power of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform.”

Social Customer Service helps you win over customers in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Improved Contact Center Productivity
  • Enhanced Management of Unexpectedly Large Social Media Responses to a Promotion
  • Increased Ability Surprise and Delight Customers with the Power of Social Listening
  • Boosted Customer Satisfaction with a Clear View of their Activities

The real secret to the platform’s success is that is is part of the wider Salesforce Customer Success platform.

By utilizing it, you will be able to provide a consistent brand experience across your digital channels. Connections with relevant social networks will ensure customer activity is kept up to date in your service center, regardless of the original (or multiple) channel(s) of communication.

Learn how you can bring your customer experiences closer together and increase customer service rep effectiveness when you complete the Salesforce Trailhead module, “Social Customer Service Strategies.”

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