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Trailhead is known within the industry as “the fun way to learn Salesforce”.

The platform encompasses thousands upon thousands of educational paths (trails) that help you to become more aware of and integrated with the system.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, there are paths you can take advantage of, and Salesforce adds more frequently.

In the image, below, you will see how you can search for new educational trails within the system once you’re logged in to the platform.

Salesforce Ledgeview Partners

As you can see, the search functionality is broken down by these filters:

  • Role
    • Admin
    • Business User
    • Developer
  • Level
    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Products
    • Commerce Cloud
    • Community Cloud
    • Education Cloud
    • Marketing Cloud
    • Nonprofit Cloud
    • Pardot
  • Tags 
    • Apex
    • App Lifecycle
    • App Logic
    • Heroku
    • Industries
    • Integration

Once you’re logged in, and begin completing trails, you can earn badges, which are a reflection of your boosted knowledge and Salesforce credibility, and are shareable across your connected social media accounts (Facebook or Twitter).

You can create your own Trailmixes, which are a series of custom learning paths that catalog the trails, modules, projects and superbadges you have, favorited, or would like to complete.

You will see an example of what this looks like below, based on some Trailmixes I created earlier this year.

Trailhead Salesforce Ledgeview Partners

Salesforce has created a robust and thorough educational resource for its users in Trailhead.

You actually don’t even need to be a customer of Salesforce in order to use Trailhead! Anyone can sign up at and start taking advantage of this resource.

As you get to know Salesforce’s functionality, you will begin to reap the rewards of Trailhead’s benefits …

1. Learn the Fundamentals of Salesforce

If you’re just getting to know the world of Salesforce, Trailhead is an excellent way to get started.

Whatever level of expertise you’re at, there are paths designed specifically for your knowledge level.

Users can learn the basics, and move up at their own pace.

2. Focus your Salesforce Career Path with your own Customized Paths (Trailmixes)

Personalization is key, right? As a Salesforce user or admin, one of the primary reasons you’re likely using it is to be able to reach your customers in personalized ways.

As customers of Salesforce, the platform practices what they preach, so to speak, allowing you to customize your own journeys, add to them, favorite them, and collect badges.

Brag about your accomplishments, if you like. (Twitter‘s a great place to!) Compare your paths with other users, and have fun with it in a way that uniquely suits your goals.

3. Move at your own Pace

There’s no need to rush your education – take it at your own pace! Once you start a path, you can pick up and leave off whenever and wherever you please. It’s completely up to you.

This makes it user-friendly and schedule-friendly. As users or admins, it can be tricky to peg down dedicated learning time.

Salesforce takes the pressure off by letting you jump in and out whenever you like.

Ledgeview Partners Salesforce

4. Show your investment in a continued education

Whether you are an independent consultant or directly employed, showing that you are still invested in learning new technology speaks a lot to your work ethic, credibility, and adaptability.

The more you evolve with technology, the better off you will be in your position and within the technology industry.

5. Level-up your Salesforce Admin Status

Trailhead helps to enhance your knowledge base, which makes it easier for admins to level-up, earning higher certifications for their achievements.

You become a greater asset for yourself, your place of work, and the industry.

Certifications are a competitive-edge on a resume that highlights your skills.

These are just some of the benefits you’ll realize as a Salesforce user or admin when operating in Trailhead.

If you want to learn more about Salesforce, reach out to the experts at Ledgeview for help.

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