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Microsoft has released the October 2018 Release Notes for their Business Applications, and, after reviewing the official document, these are the areas that Ledgeview is most excited about for this release, and thinks you will be too!

There are many more features and functionalities available for this release to look forward to. The full details about the release can be found here.

Here are some key takeaways to note so far …

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Teams within O365 is being used within many organizations and is a common integration ask when looking to deploy or currently using D365.

As we know, D365 already integrates with Groups within O365. But, it will be interesting to see how Teams integrate into D365 to enhance sales team collaboration by linking Team channels to any D365 record.

This will allow more effective communication through chat and sharing of sales collateral. 

Note: This integration is in preview mode for the Oct ’18 release meaning we can start testing. It is not recommended to implement in a production environment.

Sales Tool Enhancements

As we have already seen, Microsoft is continually adding tools to help the sales team be more productive and provide tools to help increase the sales team’s closing rates.

The October ’18 Release provides more tools to assist the sales team: Who knows who connection graph, talking points summary, quick actions next step recommendations, and predictive lead scoring. 

The predictive lead scoring is what Ledgeview is most excited about, as this will provide model-based predictive scoring to assist the sales team in working with the leads who are more likely to convert to an opportunity first.

Note: These new sales tools will be in preview mode for the October 2018 release meaning we can start testing. It is not recommended to implement in a production environment.

Omni-channel Engagement Hub

This is the next enhancement to the Customer Service module that we have been waiting for. The Omni-channel Hub will include unified routing and work distribution, a live chat channel, and an SMS channel.

The Omni-channel Hub will provide the ability to automate routing to agents based on channel, priority, availability, and skill through a configuration interface.

The additional channels of chat (It will be interesting to see if this is CafeX or something else) and SMS will add more avenues for your customer to work with your agents.

Note: Omni-channel Engagement Hub is scheduled to be released in December 2018 in preview mode. Meaning we can start testing but it is not recommended to implement in a production environment.

Dynamics 365 Portal Enhancements

Some of the most common asks when implementing a Dynamics 365 Portal are: Can I integrate with a portal with SharePoint or can I display Power BI dashboards/reports/components within the portal? 

Currently, we would have to rely on a 3rd party solution or a custom built solution. Now, Microsoft is providing the ability to manage SharePoint documents and embed Power BI visuals within Dynamics 365 Portals.

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