inbound or outbound marketing

Marketers, how many times have you been asked the question, “Is inbound or outbound marketing better?”

Modern marketers are frequently asked this question from requesters (like clients, bosses, industry peers, or colleagues) who want a clear and definitive answer, but it’s really not that simple.

This is irritating for the giver and receiver of the question, but it’s much more complex and requires study, research, and awareness to completely grasp the effectiveness of each methodology.

When these strategies are stacked up against each other, organizations often fail to see how they work the best together and use them in harmony.

Helping your team change their perspectives and see inbound and outbound marketing strategies as beneficial, complementary efforts will give your organization a competitive marketing advantage!

There are benefits to both inbound and outbound marketing that your organization can leverage to craft more effective outcomes. In today’s digital world, it shouldn’t be an “either-or” or “versus” decision.

When your organization learns to embrace both inbound and outbound marketing tactics, you set yourselves up for a much greater return on investment … and who doesn’t want that?

So, the next time you’re asked the question of whether inbound or outbound marketing is better, tell the questioner to sit down because there’s a lot of information to come.

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