What’s New in the Salesforce Spring ’19 Release

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These high-level notes from the larger Spring ’19 Release Notes will help to give you an idea of what to expect in March 2019 when these features become fully accessible for General Availability.

Salesforce reports that some features in the Spring ’19 release will affect all users immediately after it goes live, while others may require more direct attention from your Salesforce admin before you can benefit from the new functionality.

Here’s what you should know about what’s new in the Spring ’19 Release with Salesforce.

Pinned Lists

Are you sick of the “Recently Viewed” List being your Default? We are too.

Good thing you can change that as of the Spring ’19 Release, with Pinnable List Views that override the Default “Recently Viewed” List view, with any List View of your choosing:

Salesforce Spring '19 Release

Printable Record Pages

Just like in Salesforce Classic, you now have the ability to print Record Detail Pages in Salesforce Lightning.

As of the release, it is available for the Campaign, Account, Case, Contract, Lead, Opportunity, Order and Custom Object Objects.

Salesforce Spring Release

Salesforce Spring '19 Release Notes

Pop-out Utilities Into a New Window

The spring release now allows you to pop utility items out of the utility BA and into separate windows.

You can also arrange popped-out utilities, and even move them onto different monitors, making multi-tasking a breeze!

When you’re done, you can pop the utility back into your utility car, or close the window.

Salesforce Spring 19 Release

New Sub-Tab Options

If you’re using the Salesforce Console, this is great news for you!

Sub-tabs have gotten a makeover with the Spring ’19 Release all to help make you more efficient.

If you are working on a Sub-tab, and need more space, you can now, with just the click of a button, promote it to a Workspace Tab, or refresh it as a Sub-Tab, or even customize Titles and Icons!

Salesforce Spring '19 Release

Two-Region Page Templates for Console Apps

Now available as of the release are Two-Region Page Templates for Console Apps!

You can choose from them in these Console Apps: Pinned Left Sidebar, or Pinned Header and Left Sidebar.

Increased Data Storage

With the release, you will see more details in your search results, with more searchable objects.

Now, you can see the exact objects that were searched, and exactly how many results were turned up from the search across objects.

Also, there are more objects that are now searchable, like account brand and account relationship, among others.

Update to Retention Limit for Field History Data

In Spring ’19, you will see that Salesforce has increased the Field History Data from 18 months to 24.

This data will not be available via the UI, but via the API, meaning you can still query the data.

After 24 months, Salesforce will clear the data automatically.

Major Improvement to Search and Surveys

Surveys are now more translatable, with new question types, and invitations for accounts and contacts; plus, expiration dates are also available now!

With search, you’ll notice more details appearing in your results.

Learn more about what’s new with these Salesforce functions by reading last week’s post: “Improvements to Salesforce Surveys and Search with the Spring ’19 Release”, as there’s a lot to cover with them.

You’ll love to digest these topics as a segment that’s all their own.

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