There are many enhancements and changes to look forward to with Salesforce’s Spring 2020 Release, which will be globally available to all users on February 17, 2020

Salesforce is giving customers a chance to preview the upcoming release with a hands-on look at the latest features.

Some features, clouds, and tools that are going through changes and enhancements in the upcoming release are industry-tailored producst, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Essentials, and more.

In this post, we’ll review what you can expect with Einstein Analytics and Success Cloud and Enablement in the spring ’20 release!

Einstein Analytics

Dashboard Builder Enhancements

  • As of the 2020 release, “Dashboard builder now keeps a version history of each saved dashboard.”
  • Even better, you can still revert to old dashboards without impacting users and publish when you’re ready for “prime time.”
  • Salesforce says users are able to, “create dynamic dashboards with targeted faceting via clicks not code and create complex bindings with new syntax editor and validator.”

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Direct Data

  • This allows you to “query Salesforce directly with clicks not code to get live insights without data prep or replication.”

Data Catalog

  • This tool helps users “explore the Einstein Analytics assets in (their) orgs.” You can:
    • Discover dependencies
    • Learn data lineage for fields and objects
    • and Visualize relationships between assets

Success Cloud and Enablement

Help Portal Enhancements

  • Salesforce says this update will help users get the answers they need faster than ever with improvements to…
    • Search capabilities
    • Case scheduler
    • and Accessibility
  • In addition, “Ask Blaze,” keeps getting smarter, Salesforce says. Now, you can identify reports and dashboards and Lightning versus Classic features.

Preconfigured Dashboards for Service Cloud

  • This provides service teams the insights they need for their case resolution and customer satisfaction processes.

Trailhead GO

  • Now, Trailhead is mobile-friendly! Anyone can learn with Trailhead. Download the iOS app to:
    • Learn in-demand job skills
    • and Earn resume-worthy credientials – just like you have on the web interface, but now on your phone!

  • This is your Trailhead profile, and it can be used to:
    • Showcase your skills
    • Connect with your communities
    • Showcase your expertise
    • And experience across Trailhead, the Trialblazer Community, Salesforce Events, AppExchange, and more with your new unified profile

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Download Salesforce’s Spring 2020 Release Notes here.

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