What's New in the Salesforce Spring 2021 Release with Marketing Cloud and More

Many Salesforce users have already started taking advantage of the Spring 2021 release. If you’re a part of this crowd, you know there’s a lot to be excited about!

As we explained last week, Salesforce has created an excellent Trailhead module that explains how users can take advantage of what’s new in the latest release.

In this post, we’re continuing the series and recap the next three units.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Marketing Cloud

  • Interaction Studio: Real-Time Segments Triggers for Journey Builder
    • These segments allow you to “create segments in real-time based on the actions your customers and visitors take” with email, website visits, mobile apps, and more.”
    • Users can “activate these segments in Journey Builder to present in real-time, 1-to-1 content based on affinities.”
  • Sandbox for Datorama
    • This helps “ensure data governance best practices with a dedicated testing environment.”
    • It allows admins to “setup configurations and data changes in an isolated development environment that is already in sync with production.”
  • Pardot: Campagin Cloning
    • Pardot has been enhanced in the latest release. Salesforce says “you can now effortlessly clone landing pages, forms, form handlers, and links related to a campaign.”

Commerce and Experience Cloud

  • Payments
    • This feature helps users “get to market faster and boost conversion rates with an out-of-the-box payment solution.”
    • Supported payment methods (that all come with integrated fraud protection) include:
      • Apple Pay
      • Google Pay
      • Credit Cards
      • SEPA
      • iDEAL
      • Bancontact
  • Distributed Order Management
    • This will help users:
      • “Fulfill orders faster”
      • “Reduce costs”
      • And “boost customer satisfaction”
    • All with the power of (configurable) dynamic order routing flows!
  • B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience Enhancements
    • This improvement promises to help you launch your B2B website quickly. Salesforce Trailhead reports that “product variations, guest browsing, wishlists, and order APIs are now available.”
  • In the Spring 2021 Release, Salesforce has also made great enhancements to Lightning Web Runtime and Salesforce CMS, which developers will especially appreciate.

Platform and Apps

  • Customer 360 Privacy Center Enhancements
    • This enhancement will “make it easier to keep consent data in sync,” among other notable improvements.
  • Salesforce Shield for Surveys
    • This shield will help users “protect sensitive customer data collected in Surveys with native encryption.”
  • Dynamic Action Enhancements
    • Salesforce excitedly announces within this unit that, “In Spring ’21, Dynamic Action is now available for additional objects and mobile!”
  • Lightning Web Components: Local Development Enhancements
    • Developers are sure to love the ability to “build, test, and debug LWCs right from a project” with this release enhancement.

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