Salesforce Summer '19 Release Notes

The Salesforce Summer ’19 Release Notes have been live since May 29, 2019, and the system was officially refreshed for all users by June 14, 2019.

There are many exciting new updates to several different aspects of the Salesforce ecosystem with the release! Here are some key considerations for what’s new with Communities, Productivity, and Commerce Cloud.

Learn more about what’s new with Marketing, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Business Essentials and more when you look back at the past couple of weeks of our blog recaps.


Mobile Publisher for Community Cloud Enhancements

The functionality of Mobile Publisher is to distribute Lightning Communities as native apps on app stores.

Salesforce’s new Mobile Publisher enhancements as of the summer release allow users to easily configure beautiful, mobile-optimzied layouts to enable better performance.

Mission Enhancements

Users can use Missions to assign badges automatically based on defined actions. As of the release, Missions has been enhanced with an API that lets users track the progress of a particular mission.

Lightning Web Components for Community Cloud

Get ready to build custom components faster than ever with updates to Lightning Web Components for Community Cloud in the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release!

The second-generation language boosts performance for users, utilizing the power of JavaScript.

Developer Experience – Community Creation and Publishing APIs

Now, users can create, activate, and test in their developer tools of choice, such as Workbench or in-line, all thanks to the new creation and publishing APIs for Community Cloud.

Record List Enhancements

Now, you can easily customize and configure record lists, pin favorite lists, and take mass actions on record lists with the new enhancements as of the Summer ’19 Release.

Salesforce Summer '19 Release

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Process Builder and Flow Builder for Quip

Now, users have the ability to deliver templated solutions with clicks, not code.

As of the release, you can now build collaborative documents into your automated processes and deploy customized documents that auto-fill with relevant Salesforce metadata.

As Salesforce tells in its learning objectives for the Productivity unit within the Trailhead module, Summer ’19 Release Highlights, this is just the start of how reps can resolve cases faster and easier utilizing Quip.

Quip Notifications Lightning Component

With the summer release, users can work in Quip without even leaving the Salesforce platform or any custom Lightning page.


Admins, just embed the Quip Notifications Lightning component directly on your home page, and you won’t miss a single thing!

Quip for Service Cloud

Users can now resolve cases more quickly through collaborative case swarming. This allows team members to centralize case data and team communications into an “integrated, collaborative document experience.”

Quip for Sales Cloud

Quip Autofill templates let users scale their strategies with the summer release.

You can create and pre-populate new Account Plans, Mutual Success Plans, QBR documents, and more with data from Salesforce.

(Pretty cool, right?)

Setup and User Management Enhancements

These enhancements make data sharing fast and easy!


Admins, just connect the Salesforce and Quip platforms, and experience a reduction in onboarding time and user management.

Discover how when you complete the Salesforce Trailhead module yourself. Start it via the link at the bottom of this post.

Salesforce Community ImprovementsCommerce Cloud

Commerce Connector Enhancements

Though Commerce Cloud doesn’t necessarily come with the breadth of enhancements as Productivity or Sales or Service Cloud, for example, the updates are incredibly important and useful to the Salesforce user experience.

The first enhancement with Commerce Connector helps simply the integration of marketing and service data.

Users are able to send personalized emails and improve support agent productivity using out-of-the-box capabilities, documentation and Storefront Reference Architecture support.

Unified Authentication

This enhancements provides a single user profile and password for users across ALL Salesforce B2C Commerce applications and Business Manager instances, now equipped with 2-factor authentication.

B2C Commerce Integration with Google Analytics

Three cheers for yet another integration with Google Analytics as of the release!

This particular enhancement will help users track actions across their storefronts with embedded Google Analytics. Users are able to collect pageviews and more.

Lightning Components for Community Builder

Now, users can create community pages using Community Builder Lightning components.


Just drag and drop components onto your homepage to assemble it!

(Salesforce, 2019)


Now you know about what’s new with Communities and more!

We hope you enjoy discovering new ways to become more effective with enhancements to Communities, Productivity, and Commerce Cloud as of the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release.

This overview from Ledgeview highlights lessons directly from Salesforce Trailhead (attributed throughout). You can start your path to learning what’s new in the Summer ’19 Release here.


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