Salesforce Summer '19 Release Update

The Salesforce Summer ’19 Release Notes have been live since May 29, 2019, and the system was officially refreshed for all users by June 14, 2019.

There are many exciting new updates to several different aspects of the Salesforce ecosystem with the release! Here are enhancements to Engagement, Einstein Analytics, and Enablement you should know about …


Heroku Postgres 11

Salesforce says that with the release there are new features for every part of Postgres.

This includes expanded native table partioning, stored procedures, improved parallelism, and more.

Heroku Dataclips Enhancements

With the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release, Salesforce says users are able to run, save, and share the results of SQL quereies safely from their dashboards with Salesforce’s lightweight sharing tool.

The upgraded UI (user interface) and query editor lets users share read-only versions with anyone on their team.

When users open their browsers, they’ll see recently viewed Dataclips updated every hourly or by the minute.

Heroku Postgres – Access via AWS PrivateLink

This enhancement lets users create trusted database connections to enable new data use cases and data integrations.

Salesforce says Heroku Postgres customers can securely access their Private Spaces databases from Amazon VPCs using AWS PrivateLink.

This means data is kept safe and private within the network.

Discover how to start taking advantage of Salesforce Summer ’19’s many exciting enhancements when you complete the Salesforce Trailhead module yourself. Start it via the link at the bottom of this post.

Salesforce Summer '19 Release

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Einstein Analytics

Visual Data Prep

As of the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release, users can join, aggregate, cluster, and detect anomalies, and predict missing values with the power of Einstein.

Fast Start Template Enhancements

Salesforce says you can now get insights faster with two new templates in Einstein.

This enhancements lets users prioritize deals with just a few clicks with AI (artificial intelligence).

When you navigate to this enhancement, Salesforce ensures you will discover model accuracy insights, drill down for fine-tuning, and predict time to close.

Einstein Predictions Service

With this enhancement, users are able to build models in Einstein Discovery, then embed your predictions into the other non-CRM systems you use outside of Salesforce, such as ERPs, HCMs, and custom applications.

This helps to expand your effieciencies and ecosystem in nature.

AND/OR Filter UI

Now, users are able to declare AND as well as OR when defining filters as they explore data in their Salesforce ecosystem.

New Connectors

Salesforce informs this enhancement combines data from NetSuite and SAP Hana with any Salesforce data for further exploration and AI analysis.

Einstein Predictions – Bias Protection

With the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release, users can create AI models using built-in bias protection, enabling their confidence.

This functionality detects and flags any data points that could potentially result in what Salesforce calls, “flawed predictions.”

Einstein Analytics for Financial Services Enhancements

As of the summer release, this “complete intelligence platform” for financial services now extends into retail banking.

Users can retreive AI-powered insights and analytics right where they work.

With the enhancement, there is the ability to analyze customer deposits, referrals and activities, and much more!

Salesforce Summer '19 ReleaseEnablement


We are especially excited about this feature at Ledgeview. This enhancement offers an expansion to one of our favorite educational resources for learning all about how to utilize Salesforce to drive success, Trailhead!

Salesforce says you can now combine the power of Trailhead with your brand and customized content to “make learning personalized, empowering, and fun.”

(What could be better?)

Trail Tracker

This enhancement offers leadership a complete view of each of their team members’ skill sets and expertise areas.

It helps them track assignments for each of their team members, and see who’s earned which badges in pre-built reports and dashboards, leading to individual and team success within an organization.

myTrailhead – Trail Mixer

Salesforce informs that this enhancement lets users publish custom, branded content using its new guided tool.

You can preview and post to Trailhead with a few simple clicks.

In addition, you can build and share custom learning paths, and utilize existing existing content (videos, presentations, etc.) and use Trailhead’s free resource library.

(Salesforce, 2019)


We hope you enjoy discovering new ways to become more effective as individuals, teams, and organizations with these Salesforce Summer ’19 enhancements.

This overview from Ledgeview highlights lessons directly from Salesforce Trailhead (attributed throughout). You can start your path to learning what’s new in the Summer ’19 Release here.


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